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  1. you ever try to talk with her about graff?..( iknow ill be called an idiot and so forth about this) but i talked all about it and what i thought it was for and shit to my dad (kinda like a sex talk but graff) it was sick..anyways after a day of talking he was down for it and approves of my doin it..then again he is a bit of a law bereaker himself..anyways you should try it out..or just wait till your 18..
  2. a1koolaid

    phase 2

    i don't remember seiing any one of these posts saying taki183 was the first writer
  3. a1koolaid

    phase 2

    "just a nobody that got lucky?....in all reality arn't most of us "nobodys" that put our name on walls or trains with paint, markers, stickers, or anything else we can find?..that to me is a nobody..don't get me wrong i love graff but you kinda got to face that outside of graff we are "nobodys"..not trying to talk shit just an opinion..im one of the writers that wants NO association with hip-hop
  4. a1koolaid

    phase 2

    what about "Taki 183"?
  5. and one more thing goth hater (once again im not gothic)..if you think goths are gay or whatever go talk to the biggest car club of them all "severed ties" most of the well known members are big ass gothic guys
  6. well if your gonna talk shit about goth's (mind you im not one) then lets talk about "car club" for a sec..from my experience i have only seen either white trash middle aged overwieght smelly guys driving trucks they can barely fir into....or the 16-18 year old rich kid that thinks he is a "g" in his spray painted probe with 20" bling bling'n hubcaps with some ground effects..not to diss on you or anything..just stating what ive seen
  7. umm..yes im sure..i do mostly downtown stuff..yes we have a winter but i hardly ever go in the winter..now i just moved to michigan so its way too cold for me
  8. from your post im not exactly sure if you still live in "GR" or still write..but i just moved to Grand Rapids about 2 months ago and havn't seen an ounce of graffiti..so if you know of some spots or maybe lookin for another to go bomb with let me know...i don't know anyone here..and i havn't gone out to hit anything with all this shitty ass cold
  9. thats exactly how it should be
  10. modesto...what do you mean supported?..why does graff need to be supported?..i can gurantee I and most people really into it would still be in it if it wasn't the "trendy" thing to do..i my self just like everything im into like to keep things underground..im not too much into graff bieng in ads on tv and shit...but thats just me
  11. i think you guys misunderstand me..ive been doin this shit for about 3 years now..and i have done a lot of pieces and bombs but my finger has never done this before..and by the way its still numb :eek:
  12. whats "scary shit"?..im lost..where am i?..how do i get home?
  13. i am punk..actually i am extremely punk but im by far not "just dirty"..no green hawk or huge spiked boots or anything like that..just normal kid
  14. i don't knnow about the goth thing..but im way into graf but not hip-hop..im always at punk shows..and i may get ripped on but i don't understand how graf got affiliated with hip-hop...the only way i see how that happened is the old school writers listend to rap..if anyone has a good explanation please fill me in thanks
  15. youve never painted in your house?
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