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  1. your just as pathetic for wasteing your time
  2. all the locals around here influence me
  3. oh and the graff aint gay its the one bitching about itbeing gay,,,
  4. ok afte taking the time to read that stupid its to cold out bull shit one thing came to mind if you got the nerve to complain about not being able to finda spot, or its to cold out or i was to scared or there were to many cops out then my friend i think its safe to say you shoudl jsut give upwhat ever graff you got going i mean seriously dont bitch about being cold put some fucking clths on wear some damn gloves get a fucking car, and further more i dont really think any one cares to hear about your wimpering so get some balls and bomb this winter or give up. and one more thing watch the cope 2 kings destroye video and see what he says about bombing in weather, " real bomber will paint in any weather rain snow sleet you name it" so get off your paranoid ass and fuck shit up!!!
  5. how long you been writing? looks decent
  6. get the benz and throw a civic body kit and rims on it
  7. i chose nurses bt then i was thinking why not take both thats what i would ultimately try and do
  8. happy people deserve to be shot
  9. dont bother telling them and bust your nuts in their mouths simple enough rite?
  10. first off it didnt start in the 70 the true answer to this qustion is the begining of time or since the cave men have been writing on walls. graffiti. just do a little reasearch and you'll see what i mean graff means many things to so you should be more specific in what type of graff you mean.
  11. who thinks that in our culture the word fuck is used to loosly? what about other forms of profanity? do you think profanity is used to much and loosly in the media, music and radio? where do you stand on this issue i have posted your honest answers would be appreciated. thanks
  12. Re: Re: Re: Catchin' tags on money since when the fuck is my money governmetn property if its in my pocket is mine and if i want to draw on it then i will. The government dont own shit. So if i spend the governmets money and buy a can of paint does that mean thats the governments can of paint??? WHat are you stupid or something???
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