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  1. me and a couple of buddies came out of retirement last weekend and wrecked some shit for the sole purpose of saying fuck you to this bill. we'll be out again cause now we all have the itch, thanks vallone
  2. im loving that sound barrier shot on the top of this page.
  3. pain is gain, real dope stuff your posting but please hit enter after each flick so they go under each other rather then side by side. keep it all uniform.
  4. this guy wasnt lying, this is a super thread.
  5. erupto hybrid savior are my favorites
  6. i dont see the rime jnub comparison. raerocks your acting like a spurned lover.
  7. in the northeast tre, sigh, pepe, savior, eye, navy8, and those a2m guys.
  8. fuck the puregraff way, this way is much better i always know when more fr8s are posted when there is a new thread name.....but then again i came here to this one and saw nothing, thanks for wasting my time jackass.
  9. nice post, i love them yellow flat upfe's.
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