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  1. maybe he should do another graveyard production, plenty of practice with that one over and over. bbbbbbbuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
  2. i hav fiye yobssss.......haha.
  3. painting in a rush ain't a rush. i hated that wall.....and i hated that peice.....fuuuuuucckkkk........
  4. :yuck: that bryer peice in lookin' clean. :yuck:
  5. DEVOLS - URA, DELINX - URA JK TAKING IT BACK A BIT FOR PEOPLE WHO REMEMBER... old unfinished wallpaper wallpaper front page....
  6. 2 User(s) are reading this thread (2 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users) :yuck:
  7. i heard of nace, shit i even saw a bomb he did on a fucking atmosphere video but as far as studying peices ill leave that up for you man, just write the history report down and emo...my bad, e-mail that shit to me. cause you know spending countless hours on this site brings your graffiti status up like holy fuck you know. :yuck: :yuck: at least thats what the administrators tell me. as for the meat and brok comments, fuck all that. but honestly if anyone really wanna hate and shit then say what's on your mind to my face. if not, keep it yourself. it's childish nigga. deuce. URA JK....haha
  8. why is it that kids to put in a third of the work want three times the recognition? notice i didnt state no names, which means i aint scared this is a general statement. so if you get hurt by this comment or have shit to say then yea, think about that. dont comment me, i aint time for that shit. but honestly man, post more flicks. bombs or peices, beginner or vet. fill or not, fuck it thats what its about. i had a chick standing in front of my peice to but it but im not posting cause it wasnt close enough to harlem knights. :yuck:
  9. that last post is fucked up dude, hehehehehe. looks like when those fuckers got close when they came close to dying back inWW2.hehehe. fucking sick dude, more flicks of graff...less of bachelor parties...poor favor.
  10. more flicks less talk... :yuck: :yuck: oh yea i have a request for music on the thread.....six feet under "shadow of the reaper"
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