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  1. MotherEffer

    25th Hour

    this movie was great:cool:
  2. MotherEffer

    The Butterfly Effect

    i think i would laugh at that fool trying to act all serious and shit.:lol:
  3. MotherEffer

    my new girl friend wets the bed....

    get her drunk then put her hand in warm water when she passes out.:cool:
  4. MotherEffer

    ok, so i'm a grown man with a hickey on his neck...

    hickeys ha ha ha i'm always down to put a fat hickey on a hot chicks ass:cool:
  5. MotherEffer

    Ahh simpsons....lol best line ever

    Max Powers who's name you'd like to touch, but you musent toooooouch. His name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it you mustent fear cause his name can be said by anyone... i forget the rest or when chief wiggum runs in the room and does a little somersalt thing and his back goes out. that was great. i tried to explain that episode at a party when i was totally fuckin wasted for like 15 minutes. :cool:
  6. MotherEffer

    Girl Trouble - That sinking feeling

    Re: so so money ha ha ha i'm actually watching that right now!:cool:
  7. MotherEffer

    americas funniest home videos

    bob saget was funny in half baked.:lol: :lol:
  8. MotherEffer

    What makes a good magazine good?

    speak the truth!:cool:
  9. MotherEffer

    Beer: Bottle or Can ?

    cans all the way....... anybody who has lived in a party house knows bottles take up way to much room in the garbage area. plus when you get totally smashed and not thinking about the mess you have to clean tomorrow throw the can all over the place it just kinda chills in one piece on the ground instead of a million sharp little pieces everywhere. besides how many of you drink beer for the taste?
  10. MotherEffer

    American beer.

    at my liquor store(not mine, but in my hood) $2 40's of high life, complete with the "$2.00 out the door" bright orange sticker on it and $1.29 tall boys of PBR. check out 40ozmaltliquor.com for all the real alcohol percentage on beers.:cool:
  11. MotherEffer

    25 Fattest Cities in the US

    texas gots them down home cookin people
  12. MotherEffer

    threesome -VS- mexico

    Re: THREESOME :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. MotherEffer

    threesome -VS- mexico

    couldn't have said it any better. listen to this fucker, he's droppin knowledge.:cool:
  14. MotherEffer

    graff on king of hill

    King of the Hill is fuckin bad ass. i try and watch it everyday. today's episode was when they went to japan and hank had a brother. funny shit.:cool:
  15. MotherEffer

    Best cell phone?

    fuck cellphones so after years of people always telling me i'm hard to get a hold of, i give in on a "good deal" for a cell phone. so i got a metro phone(bayarea shit $40/month type deal) i had for about a month. the battery would never charge up anf the calls would drop. so finally i get tired of it and throw against a wall repeatedly while waiting for a bus.:D