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  1. I heard The Cawz put sac on the map when they all snitched on each other for painting freights back in the day. Maybe Tbk or SPflatty knows more about that.
  2. http://www.grabyourgat.com/freightalicious/images/pics/freights01/20455.jpg'> King & Damsel is good.
  3. http://www.cloutdistribution.com/graffiti/bombing/oze_cop.jpg'>
  4. All Cali?? Not really. Just because this fool stops writing doesnt mean his beef is gonna disappear. You still got one coming partner. Keep that pepper spray strapped.
  5. http://undergroundhip-hop.net/graffiti/dtcproduction.jpg'> All this shit is old/outdated and stolen.
  6. http://www.graffsupply.com/graffpix/SMOG_1.JPG'>'>'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00281693f00000108.jpg'>
  7. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/23/stamp_original/012320033404441.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/23/stamp_original/012320033404369.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/23/stamp_original/012320033275568.jpg'>
  8. http://members.trainorders.com/trainhorns/Graf/emr.jpg'> http://members.trainorders.com/trainhorns/Graf/W.jpg'>
  9. i heard a rumor wkt gonna be at the Del show coming up? If thats true, you all better crack your necks every 5 seconds because fools are gonna be kicking it in the cuts.
  10. Sooki you should put your crew in check. I heard your the shotcaller. Calm your kids down. running their little mouths n shit.
  11. JABER and KIROE That flamer does suck. Whats he holding in his hand?
  12. Re: Callin' sixteenvandals Hyping up fools on the internet is funny. Tell another story and post more flicks.
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