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  1. thats just about as real as amateur porn. all those girls are paid to do it, and the gun are probably adjusted just enough to bust the ball. whatever man. its all about the japanese bitches who eat shit.
  2. shit. this was supposed to be posted in oneof the miami threads. i hit new thead instead, sorry.
  3. if burke wants to find you. burke, will, find you. its what he does. and he does it well. you gotta respect, hes relentless. i know this
  4. the fisherman headquarters legal was bangin. they buffed it a long while back though. does anyone know the jupiter pennant im talking about?
  5. yea...hes a hairstylist down here now... dont hate. hes got tight fills. jupiter, are you from the south florida area? cause i think one of those is flicked at a pennant up in juno/jupiter
  6. yea, i guess they'r fairl new. a friend of mine moved down here who was in it, and i was hoping to see some of his la work. but youve seen them up right? what names?
  7. hey reks... you ever been to west palm beach? cause theres a roof over here that says reks, never seen it up before though. peace. merk.inc
  8. merc one

    Cali Love

    hey man, thanks for the jmuk fliks. my boy camoe.jmuk move down here a while back, and i wanted to check out his la work. if anyone else has any, hook it up, please
  9. merc one

    Cali Love

    anyone out there ever heard of JMUK? camoe.opyem.deps....etc?
  10. look in the second to last flick of the brooklyn banks spot, it looks like they have a freight layup right behind the park. thats lucky shit. skate all day, paint freights at night
  11. its wild seeing straight up prodos on trailers like that... california kids... they amaze me
  12. merc one


    anybody at least see it?
  13. merc one


    buuuump i was up there over the weekend, big ups to both wilt and raels. i was able to paint a little, but i didnt get flicks. so if anyone sees me up and has a camera and a scanner, could they get them up on here? much apreciation. merk.inc.561
  14. yea.... doesnt seem smart to show your rents your work. some parents are cool, and they understand, it doesnt sound like your are like that.
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