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  1. yo im foe sure dat the lakers are gonna win it if you just lay down da real facts u noe when shaq and kobe play together they both can combine for 60 to 80 points and thats no lie but all i gotta say is who can really stop shaq in the nba and if you double on shaq kobe will make the breakthrough plays or fisher and we all know fisher will light you up from the outside if he really wants to... so case and point lakers is gonna win it foe sure... spurs is to soft and mavericks not good enough and kings are so fawkin garbage its not funny so yea lakers got it locked foe da 3rd time
  2. yo dream was a dope ass write the one thing that he did was he strongness of letters and his color scheme's but yeah he developed over the years to become a legend around the bay area shit is cold in the streets but yeah i dont have much to say about him becuase i never met him so yea im gonna be outta here... RIP to a legend around the bay area and world DreamOne much love to his family and his son and gurl..
  3. GuEsSwHo?


    as i sit here and look at the pictures of the youngest most craziest guy i ever met in mah life that walked the streets of san francisco i shed tears becuase the kid known as jon lim was a true bomber in mah heart he went a extra 150 feet to get a tag on a building i met him once at another writers crib i remember him as a tiny short lil azn kid but this azn kid had da biggest fawkin balls in san francisco he got up lik no other and he also ran from coast to coast catchin wreck in everyone neighborhood... tie influenced the younger generation of san francisco no doubt about that so did everyone else as in dream, pak, beneto, and many others but tie encouraged people to say fawk the police and go higher and higher when he told me about his new york story it fawkin blew mah mind but it was a war story from a living legend dat was well known coast to coast... jerk stated some well facts about this kid and i can remembah as a youngin bearly in the game of graff watching tie go higher and higher but i can never see why he wanted to just bomb and bomb and do nothing else but now i see why all he wanted to do was bomb and itz because the streets where his heart was at and he had to share it with the world u know... so im saying dis one more time much respect to TIEone(jon lim) and of course we all miss you down here on earth and your style has influenced a lot of people and i know ur watching us from some where if its heaven or hell im just lettin you know dat we are all missing your touch and appearence...
  4. aww shit da kid tease is back from da dead all we need is mero da east coast thug damn i seen hella people come and leave da board the memories awww sweet memories
  5. yo i know dis fag ass kid i jacked him one time when he came by mah skoo talking mad shit bout mah crue and he got jacked and didnt do nothing cause he a lil bitch and yes im talkin bout you Risk and now ur on mah board talking shit boi u just dont learn hahha welcome to mah 12ounce of hell.. dis kid hustlerisk is one of da biggest toys in dis city he trys to hang wit a dead ass crue dat has no ups man he some lil wigga boi wearing his daddys pants and his mommy's timbo boots as soon as i develope some film ill bring some shots of risk in.. ..MACK TRASER..UGK..TMC..
  6. yo i talked to tease da other day da kid is still tryin to get his pimp on and all dat good shit but yea u noe i miss da board stayin up all nyte but yeah what ever happened to Mes and Secret and uhhh Sudz and all dem catz i have not heard from dem in a while but yeah im surfing da net more now cause itz part of mah job so yeah you guys will be hearing from a lil more often now but yo im outtie 5triple0
  7. yea im doing coo and all u noe how itz grimey on these streets i had to sit out some of mah junior year cause of some str8 drama and u noe how dat goes and all but yeah im ghost like an albino chinaman....
  8. yo whats up to every one who knows me on dis site i be da double oh negro from da frishkoe city 415 cali bay area saying whats up to all mah homiez out der yo whats up im just doing mah check in to let yall know im still hoopin and will be attending unlv foe training camp this summer so yea shit all dat hard work paid off u know wha i mean and of course im still painting and sketchin on mah free time yea so just hit me up at mah aim name JockXdisXracing im bout to be up like a fat ladys weight dont worry next year yall will see me catchin wreck at unlv on espn just membah da name Double oH Negro....
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