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  1. Icabod_Crane


    i see i'm not the only one feeling vault
  2. even tho some of this shit has that ol' school ny flavor in the year of 2002, it's still nice.
  3. Icabod_Crane

    whut whut!

    heeellll yeah. off the chiznain!!!!
  4. vizie,biter and sigh's pretty in pink, that's a banger.;)
  5. hahahhahhahahahhahaahhahaa!!!!!:eek:
  6. everyone knows onorok is dope. nuff said.
  7. i got a mag called beautiful/decay with a that kem in it. bump for rime and japan.
  8. you guys all suck. and etea isn't worthy of the autocarrier that he painted. you guys suck.
  9. nah, i think he's got you confused with another one of your crew members. i got that package. as soon as i got to the dub i'll scan the pics and post them. to: intangible flame. tony says "talk shit to cloze and I'll break your nose open" and isi says "shut the fuck up"
  10. pi really are squares. pi are a bunch of biters. spire was the only good thing to ever come out of that crew. hince him dropping it. you guys need to get some originality. go back to the drawing board.
  11. Gamble...holding it down for the crew. keep rocking it.
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