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Graffiti Doc

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  1. I’m looking for people to trade flicks with because most of the heads I trade with aren’t into it anymore. All my flicks are good quality cuz I got a fat hook up at the photo lab. I shoot about 24 flicks a week. Most of what I trade is from San Francisco but I got shit from LA, SD, KC, NY, Japan, and parts of Western Europe and a gang of FR8 flicks too. Tell me what you want and I might be able to come up on it. I’m looking for flicks from America mainly and old school bay area flicks and FR8s FR8s FR8s. If you want to get some shit going hit me up please. If you trade flicks with me, I can as
  2. the "B" in Loser's broke piece is A OK!
  3. Tyke is ill,...can I get a hand clap?
  4. ...those tags in the background are hot...
  5. ...That "Hi Life" fr8 is too hot to trot...
  6. ...dig that Met whole car...
  7. Them walls look good, I think I'll go over those weak ass rollers!
  8. post flicks from both crews and let us make up our minds
  9. Graffiti Doc


    now that there is some top notch shit!
  10. HOT HOT HOT ...I wish I had a SCANNER...
  11. What a fresh G-ride at the end there. Looks like a true writer's shitty car.
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