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  1. BKae looking ill yo skum I don't know what the fuck up with that doo doo haircut dog
  2. Isn't there already a Res-q from TKO crew or some shit......
  3. Actually scratch the blowjob, hahaha ... don't forget the gansta nip foo.
  4. Actually scratch the blowjob, hahaha ... don't forget the gansta nip foo.
  5. Word, I be lurkin' in the cuts in shit, Ya'll just don't know but I got 5 on it I can beat Keli in a game of chess too. You bring the butt naked bitches with the dkups, Grin can bring the left over spaghetti......Dfies moms can play ref and the winner gets a free blowjob.
  6. Fuck a bunch of left over spaghetti underneath a couch.
  7. HAHAHA You must have got jealous cause I burned your butt buddy slur and your toy throwy. hahaha the funny thing its true.....you with your weak ass RTL wannabe letters that you ripped off from some LA website. no style having motherfucker. :haha: :haha:
  9. :chicken: here so this thread doesn't get any lamer..... I aint talking shit but to the people talking shit to me saying shit. Fuck that its not true. Yeah im gonna talk shit back. Jew you've always been for the most part cool with me and you know i didn't talk to cops. At least i think you and a few other people know im cool as in i don't snitch. But other than that aspect of all this shit im not talking about it on here. Its stupid But anyways here is some pictures . Old shit that I figure id post all mine........ bring it back to some old houston shit...... regardless of crew. Just some dope shit I have a few more ill post tomorrow JADE 45 CHICKEN BOY :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: SHEWP RTDK MEAT OLD SCHOOL ASS COLOR
  10. Naw see its fucked i aint a position to paint quite yet but real soon. but when i do ill post some shit up. im trying to load some of my Houston flicks on here.... so this thread is gonna get tight
  11. maybe you should voice your concern next time you talk to them. Quoted post [/b] FUCK YOU you don't even know me. But its cool yall just keep on. Fuckers what comes around goes around if yall think i snitched. Fuck you reavers your shit is toy anyways. If your who i think you are you aint shit... I know i didn't do shit talking to cops. Fuck that sorry man but who is your freinds now used to be my freinds. And sorry but I wouldn't wish anything bad to happen to anybody especially someone i used to be good freinds with. i just do my own thing. Fucken paint. Im not in it for your toy ass so say what you like all day. I don't give a shit. so yeah see me when ya'll see me is all i got to say.
  12. Yeah Ill be sure to tell him :haha: :haha:
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