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  1. QUOTE]First warning. This is funny, other people are doing it and promoting stuff they are selling. Why pick on me? It is not like I am trying to sell a house. I thought people might find what i am selling helpful for Djs. So i am officially dicsiplined from a dude that is down with graffiti. What the fuck? There is no authority in graffiti. The future graffiti has gone to the shitters if I am being disciplined for putting records that i am selling on this site. I find something really wrong with this. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  2. I am selling rare 90's hip hop records all starting at $2.99 auctons ending Jan. 3rd. Check them out
  3. Whole Car or not, most of these are awful:o :o :(
  4. I made a couple bucks doing this shit. All you got to do is read emails. Here is the link http://www.sendmoreinfo.com/ID/2941048
  5. My whole crew paints drunk. Always
  6. I think what is funny is that was permission, probably used special graffiti paint and it was done in the year 2003 and Seen's is still way better. It was illegal and probably done with good ol fashion krylon and rusto and was done in the 80's. That graphotism train is pathetic. I laugh at its inferiority. LOL
  7. ArfSkINeW


    My favorite graffiti artist EVER!!
  8. CRAP .. just a little constructive critism dont take it personal
  9. I find all of you guys very amusing!
  10. QUOTE]just saw one go by that matches the description of one my friend saw a few weeks back, quick green and brown straightletter/piece thing and a bunch of brown outlines next to it one was a "HSV" blockbuster style font. Thats the one i have seen for about 2 months now. The piece is TAKS and the throwups are HasbN and JAsT.[
  11. Have seen 3 Taks and one Blak simple style peices running. Also seen Hasbn and Jast hollows running. In chicago's southside. Seen one of the Taks peices several times
  12. Nerv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its on this weekend
  13. Just quit writing, you have no talent, chicago sux anyway.....................................................................................................................fuck all you internet cock fondlers...... get at me ELOTES ONE, HE STILL ROCKs ALL YOUR MOTHERS
  14. if you got a scanner email them to me!! As for going over shit, JUST ASK us to go over our shit before you do............its that simple. if you would of asked i wouldnt even of cared...there are only about what 4 writers in carbondale excluding myself cause i dont live there so there is no real reason to go over shit so fast its not like in chi town their hundreds of writers and you have to fight for your spots.........you get my point? i really dont care about what you did cause its really just funny to me. i would of never expected my shit would get dissed in carbondale...i wouldnt worry about anyone kicking your ass or anything like that cause you are a young buck.....im just speaking for myself here...as for the other guys thats a diffrent story...keep on writing... Peace...TAKS WON FoC IsH IfC TAKS451@aol.com
  15. What up NERV it be TaKS when you comin to chi town? Hit me off with some flix of some of your adventures Taks451@aol.com ...................... Prea 2 must of shit his pance that day you ruthless mother.....hit me off peace TAKS FOC ISH IFC
  16. nice freights corn, hit me off sometime i want to do some freights....... you must obey the children of the corn!!!!!!!!!!! 1000 liquors is great.
  17. Fuck Off Chumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! faCt we still love ya big guy, fuck the internet geeks
  18. factor rocks your mothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still Floatin On Clouds
  19. This is what happens when people get extremely bored.
  20. too many people bite pose, i guess you can say he changed the way biters bite cause now the biters are biting him!!!! fuckin biters
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