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  1. xwibxonex

    armed robbery

    get a job graffboy
  2. Canada has NO cops... smuggle all the **** you'd like homeboy... Edit* I wrote Cnada
  3. hahahah i was gonna post it, but since you got firsties i'll respect your claim... PeeSass.... niiice haha
  4. daaamn.... PSAS- Helping Dephek get laid since 16....
  5. Delighted at not being the only sat. night loser...
  6. saturday- woke eat took daily dose of prescribed speed ate chinese watched movie made beats macked on some e-hoes design beats excedrin pm x 4 bed still cant sleep bed .. yes... pathetic.. but it's safe alone...
  7. dude c'mon.. I haven't seen a movie in a long time but i'm going to go watch Ice Age to with some hunnies.... I think the computer animation is amazing.. plus skrat is cool...
  9. I had a breif stint with online poker before the whole drug addiction thing swept over... but I pretty much broke even and quit.. at one point I was up like 1,300$ (yay) but I got wild and doubled up.. lost it.. got some back.. I think my account ended with like 5$ and I jumped out.. no thanks...
  10. Hahah... awesome.. have you found her yet? I see some names posted but is there any confirmation that this is her? Big G goes to work in 5 hours... Kindof off the subject.. but since he's the only one besides the people who connect/maintain the cell rooms (i forgot what their called (cell sites.. i think) ) I was aloud access to the inside of many different rooms of the Cingular Wireless here in Seattle... have you any clue how big those fucking rooms are.. their insane.. I was tempted to take pictures of the wires and boxes but I wasn't allowed a camera... lame.
  11. I think I can be of some help to you fellas... A good friend of mine is a Properties Manager for Cingular (soon to AGAIN be ATT Wireless) I talk with him everyday, I'll have him see what he can do to get this girl for you.. Back when it was ATT wireless he got me a framed picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt and she wrote my name on it for me.. i'll let you know by tomorrow who it is.
  12. xwibxonex


    back when I was addicted to damn near every drug there is.. and living off of a buddy like a druggie asshole does... I used to eat ONLY ramen.. like every 3 or 4 days.. after I cleaned up I was having a conversation with my mom (who works at a lab that tests MANY differnt things for many different reasons... all I am going to tell you homeboy is... STOP EATING FUCKING RAMEN.. i know you're gonna come back with the whole.. it's cheap and it tastes good rebuttal.. but trust me man... certain ramen is like the ONLY food thats processed out at sea after being rejected homey... thats the real.
  13. uhhh Danger Zone... I'm not even cracking jokes are being critical here.. the real the real .. but ummm... you probably have a mental disorder and you just think it's graff doing that to you.. get your head checked homeboy... I have no problem with my identity as a regular, honest, responsible human being.. although I still have mental issues.. and live the graffiti double life.. it's a big world with a bunch of different human beings homeboy.. get your head right....
  14. back in high school wed always ask our buddies if theyd packed a sack lunch.... of course meaning.. nevermind you get the point... needless to say we becamse rather fucking stupid with it... shouting across the room yo Garret you pack the sack lunch today.. etc.. man we were dumbasses...
  15. my boss is an asshole... and I am unemployed.
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