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  1. new years: dialed a bottle to my friends house. they guy mustve thought it was going to be a huge jam cause we got 7 24s of various beer, and 1 colt 45 lol, but it was only for like 8 of us. so we drank there, and went to jam number 1. a gr 9 bitch was only having a little jam for her friends, 200 fucking ppl showed up. it was hilarious. ps2 got stolen, picture frames broken u name it. then at 11 her mom shows up and kicks everyone out so we turn it into a street party, with 100 guys yelling MILF MILF MILF at her mom. stayed there till bout 12 30 kissing random girls cause it was new years, then the po come. everyone ran and the po was just fucking with us yelling things out the window, no one got arrested. next we went to a next girls jam but her mom was coming home so i was told id get a free cigarette if i hauled people out, which i did, and i enjoyed the cigarette on the way to a next jam... beef started at this jam between a friend of mine and me and another friend with people holding the idiot back, as this was happening the guys mom comes home and tells everyone to get off the property, NOW. so we leave and went back to the original guys house where we were supposed to spend the night but 5 of us just chilled in the living room being drunk and not sleeping.. i ended up laying down in his dogs puke for a couple house and going home at 8 am. i also needed my puffer at around 2 am and i realized i fucking lost it. i was told i was pissed off and i threw it at the street. all in all it was a pretty good new years except i overdrank and felt like shit. i didnt yak or pass out which is good. i set a new record for myself, 21 beers. next new years im gonna have to beat that record again :D edit: o ya, came home, had a shower and slept till about 4 pm, and i was fine. no headache or anything
  2. oh so ur saying that if u drink/do any drugs u have to be out with ur friends? i hate retards like u...
  3. israel is the future of graffiti
  4. wow!!!!!!!!!!! i just cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! faggot
  5. dEk1

    my new sketches

    god ur one fucking dumb isreali bastard... get it through ur head. people arent fucking stupid u moron. anyways who the cares if this fucking retard writes virus.... its not like hes ever gonna paint it. and who the hell would see it in isreal anyway.... go bomb buildings and stop doing graffiti
  6. if ur serious about quitting... i definately support ur decision... ur biting was shit while it lasted, and i hope u remember ur short lived graffiti career for the rest of ur israeli life u "lame ass fucker"
  7. dEk1

    Some of my ISH!!

    grow some pubes. thats child porn
  8. ye ye.. t dot... u may know some of these guys that i roll with. fes (i know u know him), anematek, anser, serius/spare (more up around ***** area). do any writers from t.o wanna meet and chill under *********? add me to ur msn too if u have it dekor_one@hotmail.com peace
  9. i told u gusy already i dont deal drugs.. when i grab and someone wants ill chop it to them. btw the ppl that took ky shit went to my friends house and punked him.. everyone is always talking some shit like "why didnt u punch him in the fucking face", but u never knowwhats gonna happen when ur in that situation so stfu..
  10. i just found out today that my friend got jewed by the same ppl last night.
  11. hehe i learned my lesson.. and i would have fucking chased him idiots but he had guys waiting for him and i didnt fell like getting stabbed. edit: also when somone gets jacked everyone, including my friends talk a lot of shit but even one of them said when ur the one actually in the situation its different. its not as easy as it sounds.
  12. naw she was a slut she gave him a hug when they ran away...ugly too
  13. i only went to mcdonalds for liek 10 secs to chop 2 grams. the thing that pisses me off is i under-estimated someone. he was smaller shorter and probably 10x weaker then me, but he had like 10 guys with him, i had 3.. u do the math =/
  14. who says im a "gangster", and i already explained im a fucking moron
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