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  1. do VIRGIN females even exist anymore?????? yes. living proof.
  2. shit, i think im in love. who are you, and where do you live. thank you, ted, for restoring my faith in males. seriously.
  3. aww, dammit..fucking red x's cross the board.
  4. the worst is when your ex gets back together with their ex after you two break up. the ex you were always secretly jealous of. yeah. break ups suck.
  5. id bang the shit out of her. for real.
  6. whatever happened to teddy ruxbin? and christina aguilera? or ricky martin? or that show sports night? that show was the shit. had a cliffhanger season finale and eveyrthing and then just..never started up again in the fall. whatever happened to talking on the phone? and will smith? and seriously, what happened to neve campbell. come on now, these are life's real important questions.
  7. every girl does it, whether they admit it or not..well, except for those weirdo stupid girls. i admit it, im not gonna front...no use in lying. of course i masturbate. bodice ripper is so right...nobody knows your body like you do.
  8. is freephoto.net down?? these photo sites are so fucking retarded half the time
  9. mars, do you know who it was that wonk went over in that last flick?
  10. cherriemagik

    12oz buffet

    im cold. i also thought this would be one of those "what are you gonna bring" threads. i feel somewhat disappointed.
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