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  1. i wonder what it would be like to tell all your friends you got your ass handed to you by a jewish kid? because you've never gotten up with hands like mine boy and that's no bullshit, so i say fuck you cause you're not worth the time it took to type this shit
  2. cap

    my sketch site

    NONE of them are impressive
  3. cap

    Showing my ass

    don't like, don't like at all
  4. those are fucking sick....i love that killer rabbit one
  5. i agree...that bob marley sketch is fuckin ill
  6. why would you even post that last one?
  7. cap


    what kind of marker you use for that? nice think straight lines...
  8. cap


    all i have to say about this is : TWISTER
  9. bump for Hindu and Rebel....all sick pics though
  10. never seen that PG R.I.P. trailer before that's sick shit....flicks like that remind me of why i write
  11. that guy gets up but am i the only who thinks his throw is shitty as hell?
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