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Main Line

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  1. Main Line

    new website

    you just don't get it slugger. you got your warning and xmas just came early...
  2. Or what, you going to bann me from the 12oz prophet chat room? oh no please don't bann me from the internet oh please no. Besides about 5 of you this chat room is full of a bunch of toys who run their traps about graffiti and how tuff they are. Hey Ill save you the trouble. Im self banned!
  3. Sorry I dont thoroughly scan this chat room trying to figure out what you toys write. But I will give you credit for having you group of pussies having your back on the internet. Maybe I dont want internet beef with a kid who has so much juice on the internet. Actually the saddest part of all of this you entire reputation is on the internet. So FUCK YOU and your entire internet Fake Gang Squad!
  4. Yeah and no floaters, you freight girls!
  5. I remember back in 1989 when I was in Jonior High we were horseing around in this freight yard, this was before I wrote, we found a car carrying rice crispies. the door was slightly open. Of course we got our razors out and slashed up as many boxes as we could. Man that was fun as hell. there were rice crispies all over the yard. I sure wish i could come to some of your yards and make a mess like that. If for nothing else just to piss you faggots off.
  6. You stupit fuck. What the fuck is internet beef. Guess you have to be an internet toy to have internet beef. So I guess you qualify. I guess since we will never meet in real life or even find out what the other writes its easy for you to talk like a gangster. Im really impressed, in fact I dont want internet beef with you im afraid, oooooh.
  7. Id love to see this graff jesus guy in person. Just to see if his knuckle game is a scarey as his mouth.
  8. Well I dont know who Drugs is but judging by your reaction He is the shit. I'll bet he dosent even come on the internet and talk shit about you faggots. But you faggots are right here behind every comment talking tuff about him. Tisk Tisk. Ill bet you are some damn wigger from Denver or something. Your above comment makes you look like a real fake ass gangster. I dont know about you dunn, but where Im from we never talk about beef. Gun Hill Road boys will cut yo Motherfuckin throat, without talkin about it first. So go run and tell your little circle of pussies what some kid said on the internet. PROPS TO DRUGS!
  9. Main Line

    new website

    Okay first off you are somehow under the impression that I'm even the slightest bit concerned about what a bunch of non painting internet toys say or think. Well unlike you all...I'm not! I dont even proof read the shit I write, because I simply don't give a fuck what I say to you Toys. Second of all I said I "could" go to **********and Kill a bunch of freights. Not oh I go to ######## I dont have any freight spots because freights are for girls. So you internet toy why dont you proofread and edit this, since you have such an interest in proofreading the shit I write.
  10. Main Line

    new website

    Poser? You all fake ass freight train painting, wishing you had the sibways to paint. Freights are for sissies who are too scared to paint real trains like those Europe kids and the real hardcore writers in NYC. I dont need to pose on your soft ass freights. I could go up to *************and kill 100 freights. you toys are probably too scared to even pait freights, all you do is talk shit on the internet and run and tell your friends what you saw in the 12oz message board. You Toys!
  11. Main Line

    new website

    And you are just plain stupid!
  12. Main Line

    new website

    Left out. Ha! I bomb streets in New York City son. A place where your sissy ass freights dont even qualify as real graffiti. Im sure you were included though, in the bullshit I mean.
  13. Sorry no fliks, but I remember seeing a photo in a magazine of a School bus painted on a freight. It Said Fools Got Schooled, next to the pieces they said dedicated to 'Drum' bitch ass. I cant believe somebody would do a whole car and dedicate it to someone they have beef with. I personally cant think of anything more gay.
  14. Main Line


    Kabar is right. If they wanted you they would have you. Its as simple as that boys and girls
  15. Main Line

    new website

    Man that site is the shit. Especially if you looking for bunch of bullshit graffiti that you can see on 10,000 other internet sites. Keep up the good work.
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