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  1. Was it a nice fr8, or do you just want to show your friends how cool you are because you painted with Neon and Jase ?
  2. Wait a minute, look around for a second...where are you ? Right, you're sitting at your computer visiting the ubercool world of graffiti online. Isn't that the whole point ? To chat about your favorite paint color and post your own shit on the web so you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done ? Isn't it about showing the world how tough your burners are and how fragile your ego is ? Isn't it about pimping yourself out to all the internerds and occasional high rollers in hopes they might find you more interesting than the Osbournes ? Of course it is....keep patting yourself on the back, just be sure you don't throw your shoulder out doing it...idiots.
  3. get out your calculators, nerds.
  4. HOLLA! to the power of 2... that e2e with Bates and those last e2es on the red cleans are untouchable...kinda makes everything i see on fr8s look pathetic.
  5. and here i was thinking i was smart to bring some pussy along to eat after i'm done rocking the panels...jesus, what was i thinking ? Bag of chips vs. a hot girl's cooch....what a fool i am.
  6. ...it's cool when writers hate other writers. it's like prison love.
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