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  1. ExtraExtra


  2. That kid is good for pulling that shiet.. Who got the pics? Fucking Guy.
  3. i met CLEO DAF heading to the city in 95-96. dunno if its the same dude. was madd cool. i usta write "Felon" and he said FelonBa would kill me. i seen this name Amaze while in the city, too. did a few mock tags BUT the ride home.. AMAZE,PEZand some others had this CRAZY BART freeway shot. they were still building up the freeway in WestOakland, they caught a section being built, then the boards were removed... so it was just pieces floating on the side of 880. SICK... is G10 slept on? the christmas tree guy is slept on... but hes got all spots ive got up and down Five.
  4. i can remember back in the early 90's seeing tags in the city..GEB putting in work coming up right next to BEG,LEUS,SERIES.. everyone coming up all over the Bay... partying,battling,fighting,racing,raving, bay music....all the scenes the bay represented those where the days that youngsters coming up dont see anymore. GEB was one of a very few female after Rem,Meta.. i can recall any hype or fame about. GEB represented MDK way before these guys who pushed it to national fame.... who remembers Bias' board? i swear she was the only one who posted, left contacts, wanted to trade packages... and didnt see have her OWN community too? i remember that shiet was private, and i was a local outsider, but she accepted me. little things, Last a lifetime... RIP GEB forever ASC.LUE.ZROC.HTF
  5. since ive never cared to be famous... the most hated: BelyOne.. and since ive curbed: ONESHOT:BEANZ:GENES: works hard EMER! DYME! DOOBIE! and my partner who i never gave enough props to: ERASE!
  6. pros 150$ hour is what all the magazine heads charge. Newskool charges a little more. giant is a couple bills for black and white.
  7. nice nice post... i never seen Jase go big. and why is VirusAA so damn good. Hews been putting it down for a while too. bumps to Wallnuts
  8. BELY for pres! BizOne as Vp. big up Ase. Dedication! Ceav640HTF! old YESR, not bad. CHEKA, like whoa. ps... chesta; holla. -> C?CA.
  9. emer 97 is hot! sup with that SMOKE TITS. JABERDTC train... its all good? i know Jabs and Clown. but shiet.
  10. haha.. Two... thats right.
  11. ExtraExtra


    people always tryin to make a buck. about that shiet.. who u know from pink poodle? u can bring cameras in there?
  12. apex apex is up there in my book. the guys styles are always crazy. for a minute BA had a lot of trucks running around... anyone have the SILVER APEX-MISK truck? i think theres a lady on back Neon did? even his tags have style. i need to learn how to post. peace to BAFGSps.. that bread truck is a CHILD production truck. RIP.
  13. nice SICK.. re*Sq? g*Ifto? *Cycle? ade*K? gets around, but no love. as hindue is usually in style year around.
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