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  1. haha look at the ginger..
  2. shoulda let that kizer run, but its gravey I see in the post below that you did it justice over in the cut, shits fresh.
  3. yah its hard to place a line between public and private property when you are painting, its just so hard to turn down a dope spot, no matter how owns it. But I try and stay away from painting peoples cribs, or ruining the front of a mom and pop business. But I cant hate on anyone for painting anything really. Thats just hypocritical, sadly some people like to play 'graffiti god' and dictate where and when and how you can paint. But I say fuck them, graff is graff, you can set your own guidelines but dont try and impose them on others.
  4. yah shit is depressing, I mean you are putting shit on the line when you do this. A lot of us have a lot going for us outside graff, but you risk all this shit when you paint. I know its like that everywhere, graff is illegal, but here you have that to think about and also the fact that shit aint gonna rock. Its like.. shit I could all out just CRUSH shit, but you wont leave any lasting impression. People will be all like "DAMN!" and then a week later everything you did will no longer exist. I swaer, I could go to newyork and pant my ass off for 1 week, and not king it or nothing, but
  5. 'we'? who is we. You think you picked up a marker and wrote on something, now youre part of some worldwide brotherhood? If you feel youre an artist, thats all fine by me, but graff in its essence IS a counter culture, but thats just my opinion.
  6. ummm okay? :o :confused:
  7. ^^ you sound like a cop, and so does the fruit that posted this thread, maybe its the same oinker? who knows.. but why are you guys dropping dimes on where these fools are from and posting pics for suspicous ass character swith 1 and 9 post? dont be such a dumb ass...
  8. its just like all other image servers that have been popular on 12oz, such as fotango. eventually they catch on tht people are using thier servers to host pics to use on message boards or even on thier own websites. Bandwidth and storage space cost money, so they start setting limits for how much bandwidth a particular acct, or particular file can use each day. So this can explain why a lot of times pictures will work early in the morning when the servers refresh and start a new day on the clock.
  9. Im happy I dont have to vote, cuz this one is too hard :D
  11. my entry for chess is coming right now, face is just uploading it for me. I wish I could post the full sized image.. its hard to see stuff when its all shrunk down. I think when I graduatte.. Im gonna go take a class on basic inking or something.. heh I havent drawn anything but letters in like 2 years, and I havent sketched osmething in pencil first hten inked it and all that in like a year.. normally I just do a super rough sketch with a bic pen to figure out where my letters are gonna be.. then paint..
  12. man I dont got work tommorow I should beable to get it scanned.. shit I feel like a dumb ass.. I started the battle and Im the last one with the sketch in.. but then again yalls got scanners.. I dont ;)
  13. DONT VOTE ON CHESS YET! Im gonna get mine in Im really fucking busy and dont have a scanner, hold off on the votes.
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