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  1. the zone and stae2 wall is on point
  2. ahhh man homie! that sento piece is it
  3. Some one spotted this taboo in another thread, looks like it's just chillen.
  4. i can relate to the points seeking made . its real tough to give the letters the same energy and impact they would have on a wall or fr8 , etc.... it can be pulled of but not many can do it good. im glad you guys dig the stuff i painted, in all honesty if i knew how to paint other styles of "art", i would. but im a writer so im doing what i know for now and hopefully the work matures as i get better with the mediums. also thanks raysin, im trying my damndest
  5. good looking out on the positive feed back people
  6. some new ish,,,,,,,acrylic enamels & markers
  7. The BLACK Y


    yes i done said , its just an opinion, we seem to agree there , secondly i am no fr8 aficionado , but from the little i see, he is what i seem to like the most in MY opinion. But please dont hisitate to put me on to some other guys work i should be looking out for, im sure you do know more on the subject than i do
  8. The BLACK Y


    A+ for execution & styles( more than one or 2 GOOD outline) ... , possibly the best man out painting these trains
  9. his work shows that he thinks about what he is doing, keep it up
  10. rip roger Live, November 6, 1996 at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA Dr. Octagonecologyst and Chewbacca Uncircumcised perform with with Curt Kobane and Roger from Zapp
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