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  1. resk-U

    i wish i was gay

    being gay is a pretty good reason to kill yourself
  2. i like hXc and all, but slam dancing/swingfisting is pretty fucking gay, my dude got his nose broke a black eye and a concusion at the last sick of it all show because people were swingfisting. i prefer the circle pits at punk shows where you'll get your ass beat for doing shit like that
  3. run devil run zao chimaira poison the well at the drive in - sort of brother's keeper boy set fire most precious blood sick of it all thats just a few off the top of my head, theres a bunch more:king:
  4. paula jones quit, what a fucking bitch, tonya is a bitch tho too
  5. what the fuck, the chicks are fighting better than anyone else
  6. damn dude, learn to fucking drive you retard, just fucking with you dude, just get really fucked up and it will all be good:king:
  7. damn, that shit barely looks like you now sek, but i do like the hair:D
  8. cky cky2k cky3 dont be a menace half-baked rush hour 1 + 2
  9. rodney was missing from that last skateboarding poll definately better now than he was before
  10. resk-U

    Took what son?

    mass quantities of weed from my mom - best shit i ever had
  11. resk-U


    they didnt tell me what im gonna have to do and how much im gonna have to pay because i have to go back in april, i just wanted to know what i have to look forward to
  12. resk-U


    i got busted about 6 months ago and i finally had a hearing for it today, i just wanted some people to post bout them gettin busted, if they have, and what kind of trouble they got into thanks
  13. out of the skaters in the list ronnie creager is the best, but the best skater i think id rodney mullen, hes fucking technical as hell and invented some of todays popular tricks
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