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  1. i wouldn't plan on a career. your massages might be superb, but all women are different. just because you made one nut, doesn't mean you'll make others do the same. good job by the way.
  2. Sam Owens


    yes! when getting good head, i shake hardcore when cumming and she swollows. i've had a lot of good luck when it comes to finding beautiful young ladies to suck on my member, because most of them swollow. :dazed: also, this one girl i used to bone used to have shivers, like when a chill comes over you, every five or ten minutes for up to an hour after i made her cum. it was pretty funny. i was always assured when i had performed my job by satisfying her. :king:
  3. this is a beautiful dichotomy. lovely. post more.
  4. no willy, i apologized for thinking that any of this mattered. i thought i could get you to see that you don't need to talk shit. we all know hawaii people bite. you obviously missed my point again so let me tell you the jist of my story in plain english: all the shit talking anyone does, doesn't change who's up, it doesn't change who has nice pieces. if you want to talk a bunch of shit about other peoples graff, it doesn't make your graff any better, or make you more up. my story was about actually seeing graff thats actually up or actually nice. and in this game. that's all that matters.
  5. Dear Willy Wonka, I am sorry. I brought a lot of shit down in front of an audience, so I will formally apologize in front of everyone. I don't know why i felt like making a point to you. you see, i should have known better, it's just graff. All that matters is what the person paints. It doesn't matter what the person says. it doesn't matter what the person thinks of other writers' styles. the only thing that matters is what the person paints. you can say anthing you want. criticize and make fun of everyone. All i know is that when i get in my car to go to work on the H-1, i see Ea
  6. there willy. i've deleted it all. why? because i'm scared. i'm scared that innocent kids will get hurt with weapons worse than baseball bats. i'm scared that innocent people will get their paint jacked because someone doesn't like being questioned about their thoughts and actions. i'll put my tail between my legs and let you win. you seem to bash christians for their lack of cognitive reasoning. maybe its time for a self check. and likewisei will check myself as to why i'm so persistent with getting people to see my point. if you still want to meet with me, i'll email you the place and time
  7. i painted yesterday, and the spot i was painting at is within 1 mile of where the probowl was. i could hear the crowd cheering as i was painting. no. i don't care for football.
  8. i personally like TM7 more than FX. thanks for the history Roler
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