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  1. "he's beginning to believe..."
  2. its all in good fun, i mean talkin shit and whatnot on a forum shouldnt mean anything; definitely shouldnt let a bunch of little threads on the internet get to you, if anything you should get a laugh out if it... i mean as long as you jus keep doin what your doin and your doin it for the right reasons... it really shouldnt matter, fuck what everyone says...
  3. the whole point of the new world order is eventually to get rid of cash, ie a cashless society, by doing so they think that this is good because it will eliminate drug trade, prostituion, etc, so they want you to think its a good thing but in the end its all about control and power. the end is near, dont take anything for face value.
  4. what if the matrix is real, and they (AI) made a movie about it just to debunk any theories that there is a matrix... just to throw us off... seems far fetched.. but you never know... i mean think of it, there is definitely somethin wrong with the world, and maybe we all are batteries... and acid lets you see the truth.
  5. thanks, but its all you...
  6. strizzy


    well if your an artist, why not put your artistic skills to use? you should look into graphic design or digital media... its up to you. do whatever.
  7. lost boyz -1,2, 3,000 problems 2pac - fuck the world guru - keep your worries binary star - honest expression dead prez - they schools unspoken heard - b-boy benefit - my enemy mountain brothers - hostile takeover time machine - a million and one things to do etc etc... too many to list.
  8. so i'm guessin you like to listen to jungle music while you download gay porno.
  9. geez, which part offended you, the fact that your a junglist? or the fact that your into gay porno? "picture me rollin..."
  10. i was merely expressing my dislike for jungle music. i'm sorry if you got offended, but only junglists would actually have links to gay porno...
  11. i forget who said it but "theres no such thing as a graffiti t-shirt..."
  12. fuck jungle music! get that shit outta here.
  13. i saw em in 97 when they were on tour wit rage, and raekwon and ghost werent there... then i saw meth and redman on the blackout tour, but meth didnt show up ... i saw wu again in 2000(?) and i think odb and masta killa werent there (i could care less bout mastakilla cuz i think he cant rhyme to save his life). fuck it tho. meth is worth seein cuz the whole fuckin place blew up as soon as rza introduced him on stage... but as for now, im skeptical about anymore wu-tang albums or shows, oh well...
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