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Everything posted by mmmm..tacos

  1. how far do you live from chicago?..i was thinking about moving there.
  2. fuck a magazine and a book and a clothing label and any other way he capitalized on graffiti.
  3. haha...give the guy some credit..i know id look twice if i saw it on the street.
  4. where has all the effort gone..doo doo doo, doo doo do
  5. this says to me.."id accept it if someone went over me..oh well..i might be a little mad" i love the "what is whining on the internet going to do?" retort.....its not going to do anything...it wasnt my graff..im not trying to do anything about it except try to make someone realize that you should respect other peoples graffiti a little bit more and respect that they are puting in work just like you....regardless of what you think is good or bad...
  6. fruit-bandit roid no racism intended.
  7. the secret of my success last of the mohicans traffic blow and yes, donnie darko
  8. so youre cool with people just going over your shit?
  9. ......Yeah, no disrespect. you just crushed their panels without them doing anything. ......ok, so youre taking a tyrannic approach to freight train graffiti. ......just because its common doesnt mean its not stupid ......what does that have to do with anything? your graff is good..but your way of thinking is off.
  10. amelie requiem for a dream goonies we were soldiers was pretty good simon birch kids shawshank redemption ferris bueller boondock saints american pie PCU
  11. the rockers ultimate warrior the bushwackers sting in his earlier years (i saw sting and ric flair fight a cage match) and i cant remember the name of the one tag team..the one guy was short and he wore those ear protectors..i think he might still be wrestling.
  12. dont just go over trains because you think your shit is better and you think youre more established. respect lost.
  13. i would take KYT into my home and let them have their choice of fresh fruits from my garden
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