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  1. Saw this this morning on the way to work. It was gone on the way home. Detroit city record time buff:
  2. LoL! Damn Red. Here's the adjacent piece to the Sisto for comparison I suppose:
  3. Are You like totally bugging, Son? I've read your posts and you are totally off your nut. :shook: Are You an expert on how much blood comes out of a live human neck neck when it's sawed off? How many live human head have You sawed off in in Your animal pathology lab? Who is Your great source of intelligence in Al-Qaueda's Tanzim Qa'idat Al-Jihad network? Don't know who the Tanzim Qa'idat Al-Jihad network is? It's Zarqawi's network from Al-Quaeda. you think they executed him like that because they thought he was a spy? Do You even know why Muslims commit beheadings? There is a lot of symbolism dating way back involved. The Geneva convention applies ONLY to Soldiers of a nation, and not insurgents in the first place. It's an orange jumpsuit. You think an orange jumpsuit can't be purchased in the middle east? BWAHAHAHA! Now this is funny shit. And You have experience in USGI logistics/supply having to do with plastic lawn chairs? Do you have a pic and and accompanying NSN(national stock number) to verifly it is infact a USGI plastic chair? And not one bought down the street at Halaal WalMart?:D And You can confirm that was a white guy's Ear and Army hat? Even if was an issue army hat, do you know that the insurgency also possesses many US issue field gear items, including captured Interceptor Body armor, M16s, M249 Saws and various other weapons, amongst Com Bloc stuff? What about these guys beheaded by the Tanzim Qa'idat Al-Jihad including Berg beheaded bewtween 2000-2005? Name of Victim Nationality Religion Date of Beheading Place of Beheading: Nick Berg American Jewish May 11, 2004 Iraq Kim Sun-il South Korean Christian June 22, 2004 Iraq Georgi Lazov Bulgarian Christian July 13, 2004 Iraq Ivailo Kepov Bulgarian *Christian July 14, 2004 Iraq Mohammed Mutawalli Egyptian Muslim August 8, 2004 Iraq Durmus Kumdereli Turkish *Muslim September 13, 2004 Iraq Jack Hensley American Christian September 20, 2004 Iraq Eugene Armstrong American Christian September 21, 2004 Iraq Kenneth Bigley Britain Christian October 7, 2004 Iraq Unidentified Truck Driver Turkish *Muslim October 14, 2004 Iraq **11 Iraqi Police & National Guardsmen Iraqi Muslim October 17, 2004 Iraq Shosei Koda Japanese Christian October 31, 2004 Iraq Ali Hussein Jassem Mohammad al-Zubaidi Iraqi Shiite Muslim January 21, 2005 Iraq Ahmad Alwan Hussein al-Mahmadawi Iraqi Shiite Muslim January 21, 2005 Iraq Jassim Mohammed Hussein Mahdi Iraqi Muslim April 5, 2005 Iraq Are they all elaborate hoaxs pulled off By white people, with gold rings, and Gov't spec plastic chairs?
  4. ROTFLMFAO! Thought it was alright, than I noticed the "BS"! :) Good Flicks Dems. I'll Raise You another Army:
  5. How 'boudt some 40 ft. Super Burners?
  6. Bump for the Dead Loaves. The Reeku-Eeku is getting better.:)
  7. I got a case a beer for that one Outstanding! Especially the RevokPysaZes roof and the Revok/Push trailor. They have the right attitude knocking full color pieces illegally where fools hit tags or throws. Thats the TRILLEST type of bombing. Shows the world what you're made of! :D
  8. That's Foul I suppose you have to be a pretty sick,drunk(not to mention unhygenic) muthafucker to rock one of those. If I worked at Taco Hell and they asked me to buff that Shit I'd tell em' to go to hell. Than I would get a flick and be the fuck out.
  9. Basically painting, traveling, making friends and living the Graff Life. Lotta networking,mang.
  10. fr8burner-Cooo this one seems to get around a bit: http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/kosekablooie/eight.jpg'> Kosek/Dest TFL San Frandisco ;)
  11. A SEQUENCE SHOT Fliks Courtesy of Army TSR 1.http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/kosekablooie/kos.sequence1.jpg'> 2.http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/kosekablooie/kos.sequence2.jpg'> 3.http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/kosekablooie/kos.sequence3.jpg'> 4.http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/kosekablooie/kos.sequence4.jpg'> 5.http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/kosekablooie/kos.sequence5.jpg'> Finished Burner. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/kosekablooie/kos.sequence.finish.jpg'>
  12. "Freeze! this is the Buster Police, You're under arrest!@#$% Can't ya'll see junior-whitee is bustin' with a paint brush? Lil' Elroy Jetson-ass lookin' muhfucka look like his name 'Toby'from the back of his neck.. like he eat a whole lotta Life Cereal n' shit. Your folk's ain't :beat: that ass for hittin' up the nursery like that?
  13. "The fucked up Ghetto" statement was not directed towards the graff, just the general attitude and description of the area. Tasteless choice of words and obviously the statement of an outsider is all. I have no meat to cook and no desire to dine. All in good fun. The 35ft burner swastika thing was pretty funny. As for "things-to-do-to-prove-you-are-old-school- and-will-not-stand-for-any-disrespecting" It's not really like that.... just principles,comrade. Respect where respect due and it'll be like a jewish hoiday for everybody. Peace&Comfort :P
  14. sigghhh.... If you go over someone YOU BETTER BURN Whatever it is you went over whether old or new,tither and hither,to and fro,near or yonder. The basic rules of graff: pieces over throws,throws over tags. I disagree on how you generalize anyone who is willing to fight over what they live as "barbaric". To some folks mind you, graffiti is not some weekend hobby. It IS a lifestyle. There are some people who have dedicated and injected their entire being in to this sometimes unforgiving culture. Thus which leads me to believe you have gone over, thought of going over someone prominent and or are now confronted with repercussions and questions. Alas, lack of respect. With the comment "Blah,Blah,Blah I've painted in some pretty fucked up ghettos." Hints a total lack of respect to the underprivleged neighborhoods you're fucking up, Which also hint's that you reside waaay on the right hand side of the socio-economic ladder.That's fine(the socioeconomic part), but have some respect for people who can't make it in life in which neighborhoods you are writing upon. Now my thing. I'm a pretty chill cat and I respect everyone.I'm down to kick it and have an intelectual conversation like Einstien and Freud, But when you spray some shit throwup on my 35 ft burner, Noahh. The situation is no longer kibbles and bits, my friend. I'm old school and have learned from wise upbringings and PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENTS. I'm not gonna' run around crossing your shit out like a 13 year old.Noahh. I'm going to approach you like a man and listen while you try to justify and vindicate your reasons for putting a shitty throw on my 35 ft. burner and how fighting is for "dumb" people. If I smell fear on you, I shall smack you and watch you look stunned and embarassed. Now This is the funny part when the offender think's to himself why this neanderthal can't reason with logic and why he continues to strike me. This is in actuality is the first of a series of "expirements" performed by the "strikee" to expose canine levels. A few more strikes, a few more points on the canine meter. All is well one party leaves laughing the other nursing a shattered ego, blistered cheeks and "Gee, I don't think I'll be going over that fellow again." On the other hand, If you happen to "defend yourself" from punishment, prepare for a swift premeditated plethora of cheap tricks and dastardly fighting-a-gorilla-in-a-phonebooth-type-shit. to make sure your day of reckoning is unavoidable. After your sudden retirement from part-time graffing and are slowly but surely recovering from a compound-fractured jaw,black eyes and a cereberal hematoma I would love to have a intelligent chat on how we were both wrong and perhaps we could all sit down to hot cup of Ovaltine. Just respect where respect is due and you shan't be plagued with the above nonsense. Have a great Day! :)
  15. Pay her no mind. Carry on with ye dastardly deed, for ye time have been wasted. Oh by the way,watch your back.I just might be a................Big-Time Graffiti writer! haha. Sleep well kids!.:D
  16. Pay her no mind. Carry on with ye dastardly deed, for ye time have been wasted. Oh by the way..I just might be a................Big-Time Graffiti writer haha. Sleep well tonight.:D
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