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  1. Yo fr8 thats some pretty hot shit you got going there!
  2. SYE


    hey Zesto... 1) I have no scanner but when I find one I'll post my handstyles. 2) Daze WST has crazy fills but his outlines still don't impress me. Nice color scheme but very poor outline structure. 3) As for you, your handstyle looks like something I did in eighth grade. I might be only 18 but in this game age ain't nothing but a number. My opinion is my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Everbody else could like it but I still don't. Don't ever reply with wak shit...you know what don't ever reply! Words don't mean shit!
  3. SYE

    best writer

    Oni by far, his lines are the thinnest out of all the writers I've seen and his outlines are mad original. Psych!
  4. SYE


    Shut the fuck up, I know for sure Daze One Million is better than the SoCal Daze you fucking idiot! You can't spell "shut" so who is the ignorant one???Fuck face! P.S. A fag icon for a fag:rolleyes:
  5. SYE


    Don't lie cuz you like boners especially since your girl bones you in the ass w/ a strap-on
  6. Thats some pretty sick shit!
  7. SYE


    Daze One Million is way better than the SoCal Daze. Your handstyles are gay!!! Your pieces probably suck too!
  8. SYE

    What makes a writer?

    Chill dog the supreme is a crewmate of mine and what he meant is if you don't put your heart into your piece then it isn't going to come out the way you like it.
  9. montana comes with german thin caps
  10. This is some crazy shit it reminds me of Swedish cartoons.
  11. SYE


    Practice because those shits were horrible
  12. Your blackbook shit is ill and for old pieces those shits were pretty phat
  13. Shout to Tec! Keep bumpin CT!
  14. Yo Mamerro hot shit kid! Keep bumpin that shit!
  15. The 3D is pretty dope...all mind bending and shit! Good job!
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