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  1. I like his older stuff as well... good color schemes.
  2. The streaks are the best part of this thread.
  3. "Made it" into mags? I didn't know that was considered some kind of accomplishment. Being a mag doesn't always mean you're good. Most of the time, it means you know someone that does it, or they know you.
  4. ElPresidente


    Re: Re: IRAK Not necessarily true... whatever.
  5. Eating beets gives shit tags a red funky flava...
  6. Some of these flicks are a bad representation of atl.
  7. Colt45 has been getting busy. Good stuff.
  8. The new Slie stuff is pretty nice.
  9. Damn all the youngbucks that are so much younger and better than me. Good stuff.
  10. Well, who doesn't jock Grey and Amaze? :rolleyes: Yeah the internet does suck but I need it. #1 Stuntazzzz!
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