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  1. yo teaseola, i had a great time, that shit was straight up tight, if you no what im sayin. i guess next time its my turn to buy the lubeola, dawg
  2. Re: Re: MODERATORS... im not fucking banned yu retard, i better not fucking be banned. i swear on my momma if i get banned over some bullshit one more time im going on a 12oz killing spree... someone just stole my password... fucking faggots always trying to fuck with me... :mad2:
  3. dont know about you mang but im not goin to be making 8 bucks an hour til im 40. imma hit a million by 25. im on my way to the top...
  4. nick5542

    =THE BUS=

    my town buses are a quarter and you get a transfer good for two more buses. monthly passes are 5 bucks :) cant top that... oh yeah and all the buses that run downtown are free.
  5. *e pound* props to you although youve never stuck out to me so i dont know shit about you.:crazy:
  6. nick5542

    =THE BUS=

    here we have a bus called the dillo that runs downtown from 6pm-3am and its free. could they make it any easier for me?
  7. another fucking couple? shits starting to make me sick.
  8. you idiot, you dont rack things like that, you rack supplies and food, and shit.
  9. i could never get mad at you your my best friend... :crazy:
  10. i dont know who to hate more, you or arcel your both shit talking fucks.... :rolleyes:
  11. nick5542

    =THE BUS=

    you dick i understand that people all have their own lives but i mean i like thinking about their lives and the shit they go through daily. most of the time im to busy to take that into consideration and i just see people as background in my life. but when im on the bus i can sit back and try to imagine what there thinking and where there goin. human life is interesting as fuck. you damn dick!
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