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  1. GLiks is now an official employee of HEV & LOX design Crib™.
  2. my bad your right naman is with MR hamsterdam. But i still say it was the curly hairs high yellow kid who is skinnier then michael who popped bodie. I like the press dude although hes already getting dicked down by the paper cheif and that white dude making up fluff pieces is going down ||
  3. picture this... you rub your stink fungus feet on my tractor seat then my lady rides the tractor while wearing a bikini and gets the clap... shit these are things i need to know... never under estemate the power and use of INTEL.
  4. dont get me wrong if i fly across country or what ever to catch up with my peoples ill snoop a lil bit, but in general its for fools i don't know yet. and as a dude if im in your crib we know each other for a minute || in a, 'sup dude?' sense not the biblical sense. ****plus i like to have a full inventory of your house, if shit goes down i need to know what im working with to MacGiver (SP) myself to safety
  5. thats right. if it was fun if it wouldnt be called work.
  6. if i make it to 60 im starting to smoke again and i will also experiment with all the drugs i shunned as a normal aged human. CRACK BLUNTS and dusty cunts here i come.
  7. first i was less referreing to dudes houses, i meet my dudes in the street i don't go to their houses. houses are for your chics and your family. If i knew what the lies were i wouldnt snoop. but you know whos on the pill what kinda of foot fungus you got, are you one meds to keep yuo balanced? theres shit to be found out, does your tooth brush look well used? kinds of soap and bathroom ecutremonte (sp).
  8. like if you know youre going to paint a spot bring smokes with you so you dont have to bum them from someone you just met 5 minutes ago?
  9. people are liars their shit tells the truth. I gets snoop doggy dogg in your cribo.
  10. Michael aint merked no one really yet, unless you include, the lil kid who was skimming from naman or naman or the dirty cop, or the dudes who stepped to randy at school, but all those are just tussles.
  11. nah it was the other light skinned dude, with curly hair.
  12. not in india, its been killing me trying to get a car here, but thats over now. NANO and hevs good to grow. Kashmir watch out hevs passing thru! lets smoke'em peace pipe and get nice yall. I love Indians! the redskins used to be my team, and on the block they call me Hev-Lightfoot, cause i moves like an over weight dear, 'almost quite'.
  13. heavy has a Bazooka tube in the trunk: shit is removable if you need the trunk space || and for my money and ear really rounds out the factory sound. If its not volume your looking for the bass tubes are not bad. Im sure audio snobs will laugh at me for it or whatever, but my shit bumps on the inside || and thats cool for me HEv dont need the world bouncing wif me, i bounce hard enough alone || (ladies this is not a masturbation reference please sleep with me). http://www.bazooka.com/productAutoAmplifiedBTs.asp
  14. 8balls increase your base 1st.
  15. well for 2500 you have to expect some cut backs... shit still better then a family of four rolling on a mo-ped
  16. Youre a jackass... why didnt you tell me that the first time i was there? thats 5s of 10s of dollars im out now. dam it K... you dam quite kanooks need to speak up and out more fuck!. ||
  17. i was taken to the hospital in a cherry red pinto my landlord own after her great-dane bit me in the *&^@ as a child... Since then ive had a soft spot pf pintos since they saved my life. I like pocket sized cars too in theory but in practice im not fitting into them and it suck when a motor cycle blocks your view of whats ahead of you on the road.
  18. Staten island can sure use the press... maybe get you a few useful train lines and the rest fo NY will come for a visit, that way youll have a lot more criminal access to your shit.
  19. snitches get stitches, but didn't he end up in foster care of the cop who was forced to retire over hamsterdam? think so. episode 2 is good, im really annoyed that this is the beginning of the end. Michaels getting shot this season i can feel it, hes realizing hes not cut out for the hustle hes to smart for the streets.
  20. they also make a car called 'indica' ABOUT THE NANO, aka the people car: tata also has a sweet 'almost real' website.
  21. ho nomo as far as im concerned as long and the records are moved do it how you feel it should be done ||
  22. for real though youre on the short list for the next move, so you have that to look forward too, 20 12/12inch boxes of vinyl has your name all over it son dukes, you cant lift like a beast an think youre not getting called on in class kid.
  23. im jsut saying for a paycheck i can help. And not in that, 'let me do you a favor' way (fuck i just got meta and cross-referenced my own shit.)
  24. the truth presents itself to those who choose to seek it. yes medicine cabinet it second after the bedroom. I totally am on board with the moving thing. I remember having my man over to help move and i ended up giving my dude tons of paint and at the end of the day I had to carry the paint up stairs to get it to his car. He moved nothing in 3 hours of helping just showed up to jaw (J*@s im looking at you bud!). My man crones on the other hand shows up ready to work- good looks homebrosef!
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