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  1. this is why it pays to have a phone filled with all government names. but criminals get lazy.
  2. http://gawker.com/5002269/the-cruise-indoctrination-video-scientology-tried-to-suppress
  3. not sure if you're just stoked on the post but to be clear that black book spread is by ENUE aka MR. Clean or Dirty
  4. for real though, can we get mah dude some lotion? black grandmas across the world sat up with an uncomfortable feeling the day this photo was taken.... If yer name aint larry, use some fuckin lotion dun.
  5. Re: Scientology sploded`!!! Could LRH look any more "70s leisure suits meets Alice in wonder land for a Creepy tea party with young boys and old dudes smoking pipes"? i dont think so.
  6. a quick PSA from KoolENUE_COD Spring training is upon us. Time to get to work if you been off. put a lil hurting on that pulp bitches.
  7. thats that generic shit. talk to me with specifics. HEV DONT DEAL IN NO SKYLARKING, mi deal in di facts.
  8. its winter time duke. the bear hibernates and get shit ready for spring... how man outlines you got ready to rock? color schemes in mind? spots to get? SHEEEIIIIT MY DUDE jsut cause it don't look like the kids working don't be fooled.
  9. COD4=call of duty (haha i said duty)4 the Xbox game.
  10. sall good strudel doodle, this falls under the heading of NMP. i was driving. i wasnt parking. it wasnt my car. i know enough not to go parking just anywhere when in NYC. plus i hit the psot and was cribbed up by 1, trizzed by 105, cod4-till2 napping like a new born by 2.... sheeeit, YALL think clay is done.... Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
  11. UMMM...I was lead to believe that there would be some information about vegans in this thread? WTF?
  12. ha whatever. it wasnt even on your mind or yall could said... hey we gotta move the whip by midnight. Yall are mad cause yall got got by the man, and tying to find a way to make it not yall fault... im not going for it. Hev/ NOT GUILTY yall gotta FEEL ME!!!
  13. and for the record the sentence; "hey park right here" came out of your mouth.|| that not saying your at fault but if jay-dog ineptitude's get a pass then so do all of our slight culpabilities.
  14. if you grow un in NY or even live there for a week you know NO signs dont mean shit. NO sign mean YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR WHIP... i did that dance years ago running on foot down the middle of Broadway chasing and NYPD tow truck shit sucked..
  15. its not hevs fault people FROM ny cant read a fucking parking sign. MAYRONS.
  16. id like the 15 years ago me to meet the me of today...
  17. FYI This thread seems to have about run its course... to sum up: Dhabz, in my estimate made NO positive headway|| with this thread. you aired yourself out and made the chic you say YOU care about look horrible (there s really no other way to say you care). Really good work on that last one. SCORE. VAj... well seeks said it best. Gliko: handled shit like and man; took and L and through self respect and dignity bent it into a W ||, and didn't even get mad when i said i told you so. When you handle a chumping like a champ SHEEEEIT son thats something commendable. And for the rest of us... theres a lot of advice in here for all parties... but what i know is Emotions an Logic are never invited to the same party. So what on the outside looks like a potential nightmare from the inside looks a lot different. Its hard || to listen to reason when your not thinking logically. Logic would have stopped plenty of this, but like love, logic dont live here no more. [oh snap, em hmmmmm] so lets all stay up. Be that phoenix, sons and daughters, and rise the fuck up out the ashes and asses || and be what you can be. Hev/ fari for I. peace love and hevspect
  18. SEEKS= does good work and then talks himself into hating it and thinking he and it are shit... ho nomo.
  19. its, 'FAT Fives', and you and them niggas got gahbbage down the way. Servin custies with a smile
  20. the way these lined up is real nice. I like how the line spills from one image to the other. Nice that dude went all the way from queens to catch a tag on the mac/retna wall.
  21. too much GAY tv to actually get any tattoos done...
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