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  1. mayhem favortism tugboat vizie by next
  2. amen.... while i may think some of this stuff may be ''funk'' overkill...overall it is cool.graffiti looks better on clean trains to me,i think it helps my view of this a bit.i don't know if i would think the same of this if it was done on a relaxed wall. anyways...these dudes seem like they don't give a fuck.......looks like they put the fun in funny
  3. mayhem favortism naceo next vizie
  4. and the winner is clearly........... prae
  5. wow you were not kidding.top shelf stuff,really.stellar post
  6. this post is truly a winner.. daks mber lewis con among others
  7. eulogy up in almost every post
  8. mayhem favortism poser eye next
  9. needless to say ...ol'boy got crazy skills
  10. it should be cosidered a new jersey crime noone bumped this for shark.and aloe.twk[whom i seen tags in the bronx today]
  11. sodapop7

    1 flick

    wow.when i painted it i never thought this little train would ever spark such a discussion.i didn't post it,nor expect it to be on here,really.i also didn't call anyone a ''hater'' for not liking it.i myself stated[and this is not sarcasm]i'm not crazy about my piece...i only really like the alien invader,and message.like i said next time i'll try to do better....i thought it would be fun[the reason i paint graffiti] to do a piece in the style i used to paint in 97,and 98 ..a simple outline ,with alot of colors.....that being said i also don't think it's the worst thing on earth[i also don't think it's the best.].that car took time to paint,and energy was put to make it worthwhile for us..there is nothing wrong with honesty,and furthermore constructive criticism.y'all can say whatever you want.....don't think i'm dancing around my room with a smile on my face like i won a trophy when someone types something nice,nor reaching for the kleenex when someone types i suck.i am a grown man[which i know alot of y'all are too]with greater concerns in general.i don't consider myself the cat's meow,and i often fall on my face with different ideas.perhaps this was yet another ''trip''. as for myself ,and deja we will paint another day.thanks for looking and listening ol'boy chip7
  12. mayhem favortism... next vizie nace navy
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