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  1. Nice! Would have rather seen the Hybrid hollow then the weird face.... That dude shouldn't dis an old writer like that!!! His shit can get dissed too!!!
  2. This thread is fucking gay! I mean there are a lot of weak posts on here, but this one takes the cake. Leave that wack shit on Myspace a.k.a. Gayspace.com! What the fuck are you thinking? loh...that's internet slang for lots of hate bitches!!! However, whoever posted the chart-that shit is hella funny. Kudos.
  3. Oh no....Floaters! Ha ha ha ha.....
  4. That puking guy is from Coney Island.
  5. Oh yeah, Ewok.com...he painted that huge toilet at Paint Louis a few years back...what skillz!
  6. Ewok.com? Who's that? Never heard of him.
  7. The Kid is hot! King 157 too...
  8. Feeling that Dog piece
  9. Heat Awe Myth Key Sien 5 King Prae UPFE CNW
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