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  1. whats interesting about these discussions is that so often people come to a conclusion along the lines of science and religion being mutually exclusive, when they may be completely complimentary. i took a class that was based entirely around the debate of science 'vs' religion and if anything it has made me less sure of what i believe. i guess i kind of believe that science and religion offer two completely different (yet complimentary) ways of viewing and knowing the world. i agree that science is incredibly powerful in helping to understand the universe, however i think religion is equally powerful in helping people to understand themselves. a good example i remember someone making was "if you had a gun, scientific experiments could tell you absolutely everything about what would happen physically if you were to shoot a fellow experimentor, but it couldn't offer any insight into whether or not it is morally right to pull the trigger." i guess that's where religion (theoretically) takes up the slack, in ethical and moral guidance. i'm not sure if this sounds totally clear but i think its an interesting argument for the two being complimentary. another interesting point is that a lot of scientists are actually devoutly religious. i remember reading an article by a biochemist who also happened to be a priest. in the article he said something to the effect that when you start to see the complexity and order at the molecular level and atomic level, it just seems too perfect to have been by chance. i'd recommend "the tao of physics" to anyone who finds this stuff interesting; it draws a lot of parallels between eastern philosophy and modern subatomic physics. sorry this is all really disjointed and what not but it's fun stuff to think about
  2. i hate how in a lot of automatics just taking your foot off the break will make the car start moving forward. get a manual.. its nice to have that much control over the car. granted it depends on what you're using it for, but the only people i've ever heard say that automatics are better than sticks are the ones who can't drive stick. i'm sure you'll like it once you learn
  3. if you're expecting a good movie, i doubt you'll find it here.. i've heard its basically just many hours of weird performance art.. i read a review and it basically said what bobo said.. just really weird shit and no clue what's going on.
  4. i remember that.. that shit was insane.. definitely caught a lot of people off guard.. mamerro do you know if theres gonna be any kind of video from that event? i really wanna see the ben vs omar battle again.. was tight as hell.
  5. find out if there are any practice sessions in your area. go and learn
  6. http://objective.jesussave.us/creationsciencefair.html ...
  7. if one were to go to london for a few days, what would one see/do?
  8. bork bork bork and its flute loops for breakfast! arghhhhhhhh thats what pirates say!
  9. i dont get why people knocked the story so much.. i thought it was good.. it wasn't anything extraordinary in that nothing extraordinary happened, but i thought it felt complete. i think someone said it before but it really was just two 'lost souls' connecting, which was very interesting, at least to me. maybe it's that i felt i could relate to that, the feeling of being lost and then finding something or someone that reignites a sort of passion or interest in life.
  10. ...maybe he's a skinhead.. or not. either way pretty brutal. dude fell down attempting a jumpkick-to-domepiece.
  11. its just showing the theory behind it.. like how it would potentially work, their ideas for it. of course its still a ways away, but its interesting that this might be a reality sometime soon. http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.08/p..._invisible.html
  12. http://www.star.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/projects/M...EDIA/xv/oc.html an interpretation
  13. are you sure that's the same guy who was hit in the video? there's a picture of him on the last page of the article and he looks completely different.
  14. went to a party at some huge art studio/flat where someone got hit in the face with a folding chair wwf style. ended with the place destroyed and all the rich hosts crying. awesome.
  15. realization that saying "(insert anything here)-oner" is played out. a lot.
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