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  1. I have been away from 12oz for far too long! A Euro thread and I have missed it! I think that the Czechs will beat Greece, and I am very worried about playing them. They have been perhaps the best team of the tournament, but I Greece have proven that they can beat anybody on their day. When we are on our game, I can't see anyone beating us. The Czechs and Fetas should be very afraid. We have got better every game since opening day. These last few weeks have been like a blur. I can't believe we have made it all the way to the final. I was at the game yesterday, unbelievable! Maniches goal was brilliant, and Figo was back to his best. I've also watched every game here at Estádio José Alvalade, including Greece's incredible victory over France. That is a game that I will never forget. It is absolute mayhem here, I have been in a permanent state of drunkeness for the past 3 weeks :dazed: Also, all of the fans here have been amaizing. So many beautiful women, I got to "enjoy" the company of a gorgeous Swedish girl. What a fantastic tournament this has been! Vão Portugal!
  2. http://digilander.libero.it/archivioroma/Luis%20Figo.jpg'> Euros know.....
  3. I wouldn't mind taking on Kilo. He's kill me but hey......
  4. Oporto is a nice city. It has a very good night life. Some of the best places to see are the Sé Cathedral and the São Francisco Church and the wine tour at Vila Nova da Gaia gives you free wine. How can you go wrong with that? If you're in to scenary, vist the River Douro. It is a huge, winding river that borders small towns, and you can take half day boat tours. Of course you must go to a football match, otherwise it would be a wasted journey, no? :D If you're going in the summer, you could catch Euro 2004, it would be an experience that you would not forget.... Oporto is a very nice place, but of course, it is no Lisboa ;)
  5. http://www.gogalt.com/ssheaven/b0095.jpg'> Slayer rules.
  6. http://www.geophysics.rice.edu/department/faculty/zelt/iberia/lisbon.gif'> http://www.salon.com/travel/advisor/1999/04/29/lisbon/lisbon.gif'> http://www.tomsimpson.org/cabo/alley-in-lisbon.jpg'> http://www.cla.org/images/lisbon.jpg'> http://newton.physics.wwu.edu/from/photos/lisbon.jpg'> http://pirmann.quuxuum.org/travel/iberian/lisbon/lisbon-07.jpg'> http://www-phil.tamu.edu/~gary/portugal/lisbon.square1.jpg'> http://jim.rees.org/pcd18/53.jpg'> http://www.aieseconline.net/blogs/images/sitima/overviewlisboa.jpg'> http://www.aieseconline.net/blogs/images/sitima/castelonoite.jpg'> http://www.semyan.com/Post07/Images/Dscn3853.jpg'> http://www7.gateway.ne.jp/~karel/JoseDeAlvalade/appearance01.jpg'> :king:
  7. Tiberiu


    Bump for one seriously slept on writer..... :king:
  8. This will be a good one as a lot of bigger countries like Holland, Norway, Romania, Colombia, and Morocco, among others didn't make it, while lesser known countries, like Ecuador and Costa Rica, countries playing for the first time like China, Slovenia and Senegal, and countries like Poland and Turkey, who have been out of the World stage for a while, will be there. Should be awesome. My prediction is the dark horses of Portugal. They will surprise a lot of people
  9. I love how the white guy in the background looks like he's saying to himslef "holy fuck man, that shit is coming to me next".........
  10. Tiberiu

    poppin zits

    Hahahaha:lol:What is this site coming to??
  11. Jesus both of you shut up. This thread is about the gayness that is rollerblading, not you personal vendettas against each other. Rollerblading IS gay.:lol:
  12. - Working Class Hero - And Your Bird Can Sing - Power to the People - Give Peace a Chance
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