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  1. ...this is going pages...
  2. ......them 2 look real nice next to each other. More Ansiq/Turtl!!!!
  3. Re: random isht.. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/27354/p/529194_3094916546506925372_vl.jpg'> The H-RUDE 40 mug HAHA!!! the H-RUDE!!!!! Sorry Cee, that finger wasn't directed to you....it was actually pointing at the High Life. Where's the :king: cobra 40 at????
  4. Yeah, my Turtl thongs are still in the mail....
  5. That TUR....... is looking a little suspect. Is that a TURTL piece??????Anyone have any info on that?
  6. that kids career is over and it ain't even started yet! LOL
  7. hell yeah!!! BUMP!!!! ultimate niceness.
  8. conspiracy


    Those are fuckin' letters. E-L-K......it's quite simple.
  9. hmmmmm, yeah...someone's got to go. Seeing the negative attitude, and shit talking...I think I know who the second one is. I vote for him to stay.
  10. What some people don't understand I guess, is there's some writers in Detroit who's very close knit....and they would fuck over anyone who "tried" to crush any of their shit. But, the thing is, no one who's a respected writer ever crossed that line yet. I'd love to see that happen one day. Plus, I don't think anyone would have to resort for any assistance anyways. Detroit needs more graf beef, period. It's a nice feeling, like putting gravy on your turkey.
  11. Yeah, whoever the hell you are. Pat yourself on the back right now, and tell yourself, now I am one funny muthafucka.!!! Seriously, you made my day. Now that's a classic.
  12. Good shit, a damn good Detroit post. Snafu/Esau, hands down extraordinary, Army all-city, Fohr multi-styled, Hues killer at the cursive, Wafl can't see enough of, TST self-explanatory, Stori killer style. I enjoyed alot, thanks!
  13. ....yeah, too bad shit's older than Sanford and Son....Yo, big "C"..get at me...ain't seen you in awhile......4th street. 7-milli!!!!!!!
  14. haha, ....After all these years, I gave up on trying to get my pops in my LOCAL yard....LUCKY BASTARD.
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