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  1. Daze your a little bitch huh? Stop your whining---little bitch. Just glad one of your biting wack ass styles didn't hit the wall anyways, talk about buffing shit I'm sure that would of been buffed right in front of you. maybe next year..........:lol:
  2. I love girls who graff. Right next to weed, beer food and getting my balls licked oh yeah play with them too.:yum:
  3. GODFUCK/SER2 or who ever UNHOLYLIES is YOUR WACK you goto a Legal spot a state away to ragg peoples pieces THATS SAD it's a legal place. We all catch our flicks because of TOYZ like you guys. It is sad when someone who wish they had skills and doesn't catches stupid fame off ragging people pieces. Your weak you probably come to CT like at 2 am in the morning so you don't get caught out and get your ass beat. My advice to you GROW UP, Practice, and Practice some more...
  4. What the F@#K Crack smoka better smoke some more crack wit that donkey shit you know what I mean. What the fuck he cant even type stupid ass ig-nant.
  6. Sket One

    ohio graff

    Do you guys getup on cows out there, I have been wanting to do a whole cow for so long. Get back at me!!!
  7. Sket One

    Tag Flix

    Hmmmmm... OK? http://www.eukinetics.com/ct_flix/05.jpg'>
  8. I bomb napkins........all garbage king!:king:
  9. http://www.fototime.com/{D9FA7011-65CB-4E4A-B3F8-B08A9915FCCC}/picture.JPG'> I Like I like
  10. The Bronx I think that these guys defined certain styles......comon cav and sento and mone and sien 5 all have style that other writters can emulate these guys created it.:king:
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