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  1. bump..i would put up some picks if i knew how.
  2. she has to be one of the hottest movie stars out there in my oppinion. she deff desearves her own thread. post any pictures that shows off her amazing beauty
  3. go to search and search for your name...it shows all of the things you posted...its like going back in time man....fucking craaazy seeing stuff you posted years ago...check it out
  4. haha this guy wants to be joe cocker...unless it is
  5. i mean like how do some of these shitty bands make it to the top? like some of the bands out there that are big have terrible songs that have no talent what so ever. like it boggles the mind.
  6. black hook


    how do you make it in the music industry??? if your just a small town band how do you make it up to the top?
  7. heard of it? live in it?
  8. when i found out i literally could feel my heart being torn apart...worst feeling ever.
  9. sooner or later people are gunna be able to send viruses on phones and shit.....norton anti virus will have programs and add blockers and shit...just think of the chaos
  10. black hook

    I, ROBOT

    i just worked the first day at my new job at the movie theater...and yeah to all you fucks who dont pick up after yourselves your pigs...otherwise the job kicks ass
  11. black hook

    I, ROBOT

    ummmmm sorry to cut it to ya buddy but you were still on the first page...
  12. think??? half the time thats the problem. i over think shit in me head and go crazy. pain is just a way to get your mind thinking about something else rather then the shit thats swarming around in your head.
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