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  1. you know its the parents dude not the little fuckers,,
  2. theres only one real irishman on these boards and thats me born and bred and me name is shane,,,, http://www.isye.gatech.edu/~sman/mike/ireland/People/shane.jpg'>
  3. no its just you who looks like a fucked up snork,,he he
  4. thats exactley what it is
  5. the new lego bionicle,,, http://a564.g.akamaitech.net/7/564/178/rev02-1-260/www.kbtoys.com/g/toys/big/114471a.jpg'>
  6. yes this is the same aroe, he hits trains all over europe with a savage appetite, check out grafotism magazine
  7. soop01


    Re: Hats off to MODS film god? pah! chewi is a twat
  8. ok so a shaven haven is nice yes but i dont mind the big afro pussy from time to time
  9. envy is so ugly http://lolfun.com/funny_pictures/big_nuts/balls_squirrel.jpg'>
  10. ha ha ah aha ha ahahahahhah !
  11. i've been a rookie for fucking months now i want a promotion,,rookie sounds so toy ,,if someone,,wants a fight with me,,,i can up my status come on you pussys,,graffiti is gay
  12. are these flix's of tattoos on your boyfriends but?
  13. soop01


    a cut n paste poem (from this thread) painting through the window grates. GNARLY spots on market and mission 3 sweeping lines that made them so fresh Terrin Up Metal people come, people go.. but legends live forever Three Sicx Famalam BKings I remember looking at city blocks like a tornado had just passed thru Graffiti artist Tie One (Jon Lim) was shot to death March 18 in San Francisco. on the bus, on the walls, on doors and in doorways, over "stop" signs, on billboards, on freeway overpasses and even on police paddy wagons Graffiti artist who was shot 'told the world to live seeing his shit everywhere an what a true savage he was His last piece had a message on it. It said, "The joy of life," RIP TIE. A TRUE BOMBING KING <--------
  14. ?<img src=http://www.zenadsl1831.zen.co.uk/020302_10_02.jpg> NT<img src=http://www.zenadsl1831.zen.co.uk/020302_15_02.jpg> ?<img src=http://www.zenadsl1831.zen.co.uk/020302_49_02.jpg>
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