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  1. Hello everyone, recently rediscovered the oz and this thread prompted me to re sign up. Now just to sort out the old account... Some serious blasts from the pasts here though!
  2. woah. this thread still going? Blast from the past!!
  3. £14 for a litre of olive oil though? christ...
  4. i dont live anywhere near borough market, so cant help on that front. each area will have their own - my area gets bare pikey clothes stalls and nothing else! markets are markets....standardly, it depends on whether you know the people you are buying from to get those discounts. for example, my chef buys fish from a market up in town (i forget which one). but as he knows the dude who runs the market, he gets the discounts. when i go up, i get bumped.... such is life though... more london flicks are needed though!
  5. nice flicks... borough market is a tourist trap though...pretty damn expensive.
  6. but i would be interested in seeing a tox cgo vs zes msk battle.
  7. this sounds like a great way to stir up the old arguments again...
  8. Re: You ever have those days.... dazzle and swif, ill get back to you to both tomorrow! i promise (that ill try to remember...hah). My memory is appalling for things like that im afraid. i haven't been a "bar tender" in years now, so im not sure why that came up. once upon a time i worked in many a pub / bar / club, then i moved onto managing them. Now i work in events / festivals / sales / marketings.... ps. my bad monday continued into a shit tuesday. pps. drugs are bad.
  9. Re: You ever have those days.... Whattup dawg? (read that in an American not London accent!!) I think cocktails at lunch be the way forward...
  10. You ever have those days.... ... Where you question what you do and why you do it? Well I'm having one of those fuckers now. Christ almighty, I was ready in more than one occasion just to go out for a smoke and not come back. I would have left all my clients in the lurch happily just for 5mins of breathing space. Combine that all with a dickhead for a boss and numerous colleagues it was fucking tough getting through today.. How does anyone else cope? /end thread and go back to sulking in the pub.
  11. you've got fades flaring to nothing, ironlak straight on to plain brick and concrete, and thos little do-dads flying off everywhere! what more could you possible want? :o
  12. its a very well painted piece, dont get me wrong and you have to admire Does for it... ...but it does kind of look like every single flickr trend going all combined into one piece, type of piece.
  13. those are grapes... more pics... so my boss asked the operations team to get some bottled water in to the office for us to drink / offer at meetings. this is what showed up. a tad excessive in my eyes.... much needed for the friday afternoon, cricket sessions in the warehouse. aka how hard can you throw a ball at someone? watching Morrissey (of the Smiths fame) perform, through the trees from on top of a lorry in my filling station area, whilst "working" at a festival. Morrissey was a bit of a twat. we tend to rent a lot of vehicles for events etc, and use the local branch of a nationwide rental chain. we are this branch's biggest customer, and regularly spend small fortunes with them. they thank us by sending pizza for lunch every so often... bacon from said pizza lunches floating in my lemonade. not best pleased!! ill try and add more over the weekend...
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