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  1. alright kids, emo you guys are all fucking dumb. emo is just a music like any other music, and for you all to judge it and judge people that listen to it are pretty immature, which is ok, but still. now for scenesters, well you are all in some kind of scene, this while board is a scene, you all have some common interest point, and that forms some kind of scene, even if its on the interent. the reason the whole emo scene is so popular is becuase everyone can relate to it somehow, everyone has emoitional problems and joining this whole scene thing guves you some kind of insurance. the so called emo scene down here is pathetic, everyone is afraid to be called emo, like its some kind of diesese or something, so they all callify themselves as hardcore, and even go ar far to creat gang type deals which they kick the shit outta people for varios reasons which are completly idiototic, even beat up on bands some times, (like grade recently). kid are even afraid to go to shows becuase of these stupid fucks. but yah the whole emo thing is getting out of control becuase of people like you guys who make your own asumptions of it every day, just get the fuck over it and realize that its just a new modern day fad, and will blow over like everyhing else one day.
  2. boot to the moot, jazz hand
  3. oooo

    Toys post here...

    that is sooo hardocre, like ham sandwhich
  4. atari 2600 , i still have my precious baby
  5. i was driving once and this possum kept running towards my tires, likee a suicide attempt. jeez, what are these animals thinking! they have a lot to live for
  6. oooo


    Gimp Reply Doesn't the United States have quick responce nuclear warheards throughtout all of the country and many of our embassies called Minute Men... (yes I know minute men were the first Militia men of the United States army)
  7. oooo

    mmm human

    http://www.manbeef.com eat human
  8. what about estimated ages?
  9. wesley willis is my hero , he just played here last week wooooow
  10. i think every member in a hardcore band has to be in a min. of two other hardcore bands, here in florida, there is like 12 of the same bands but with a diufferent bass player or something
  11. mosh it up. http://www.pdhm.co.uk/lesson2PIT.swf
  12. oooo

    jesus crew 727

    http://www.icyhotstuntaz.com/ im the one in the middle
  13. oooo

    favorite threads

    how about " this thread likes men"
  14. oooo


    chino eats a lot of twinkies
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