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its ok.

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  1. that arms is not over an ist piece...but i dont understand why youd lose respect?....if you had issues with someone who has dissed your freights and you go over them for it, then thats between the two people
  2. shut up...you paint in six month intervals
  3. its ok.

    Medium Rare

    thats who i thought you were...all im saying is that you got some bullshit information..
  4. its ok.

    Medium Rare

    i dont know you, so dont take offense to this, but theres no beef with ems..its with a couple of them..and definitely not over this bullshit youve listed...name dropping? blowing up spots? having sex with that 11 yr old altar boy?......besides why name drop a bunch of people youre not friends with or care to give any notice to...or blow up spots in your own city...i dont know why you felt compelled to get on here and make all this stupid accusations..
  5. its ok.

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    arms was never ems
  6. i think hs kind of like the "elton john" of graff
  7. that last hotel really got my boner throbbing
  8. haha..floater spot....i lkike those cars though
  9. that mpulse is nuts..post some bombing
  10. and ISTO (solid gold)..you do it all in full perry ellis outifts...go back and finish 8th grade
  11. if youre going to dis someone atleast learn how to spell 'their' and 'friend' champ
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