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  1. quick bump.....on the sneak tip....:eek:
  2. Yo GAMBLE is the junk(fresh)....anbody got flix of the TST(w/TEAD/KASTO/IGES from Detroit) wall in the channels, oh yea, theres some more gravy ass GAMBLE pieces there too...mo flix please.
  3. to Mr crack is wack.... fool please, what the fuck are you talking about?....shut your corny ass up..HERB
  4. YEEEEEAAAARRRGGGGGHHH!! SeaPickle. fix those flix homie!!!!
  5. geez... What in tarnations!!!!...GOOD LAWD MR.ASiD!!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!!! We will meet your demands whatever they are...jus stop! please!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Oh yea these flix arent from Detroit, thiey are all actually from Bloomfield Hills, Mi..a shitty, burned-out urban wasteland only miles from Detroit.... :eek: fa real..no lie
  6. walls of gravy Tight....hey whassup with Saber? I though the was in wit these MSK/AWR cats. but I never see any walls wit Saber and Revok/Skrew/Hense/Sever or anybody else....whats the word graff nerds? enlighten a brotha....oh yea, Skrew is or was in Michigan right now, fuckin up our fire escapes... :king: ...and If I wasnt a lazy slacker, Id post the flix...
  7. man hell yea Definitely feelin Haz's old school vibe...homeboy Haz even got busy here in Detroit a few years back, imma try and dig up some flix...props!
  8. http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/jek_8.jpg'> ..thas dope
  9. venezuelan women I used to know these people from Venezuela, the girl was sexy as hell...they liked eating mayo on their french fries! nasty!...but whatever, i bet theres some bad ass broads down there!! :eek: oooooo weee! ....oh yea, nice thread fellas
  10. bump for IGES TsT, love those 75 rollers...
  11. oh my... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!!! whew wee!!!...Your one funny man Mr. ASID!!..
  12. Yearrrggghhh, dirty Red X's!!! Heheheheh, Awge Dawge!!!, fix ya thread son!!!! RELAX!!!! :eek:
  13. whoa! those red X's are hot!!!
  14. The DEMF was wiggedy wack..no hip hop at all(Dilated cancelled), and dirty ravers as far as the eye could see...Im no raver hater, but c'mon..ya know! anyways...I didnt see any graff there, except for Rift's canvas, and if its on canvas I guess its not really graff. whatever....hope u enjoyed the fest Yesh, we are. sounds like a good time
  15. bump anyways! Yo EGS, im still tryin ta paint wit yall, hopefully imma catch yalla t the market soon...
  16. man hell yea, ITSO is too dope. what city is that from??
  17. word em up... http://freephoto-i.net/users/679/6776'> ALSO RvS http://freephoto-i.net/users/679/6775'> KosEk UAC http://freephoto-i.net/users/679/6774'> TeXAS MHc http://freephoto-i.net/users/679/3521'> Kosek/ArmY
  18. http://freephoto-i.net/users/679/6381'> Anyone recognize these dudes? I caught this not far from my cribbo....
  19. Digital Camera Blowout!!! Everything must go!!! http://freephoto-i.net/users/679/5368'> Ansiq FV http://freephoto-i.net/users/679/6373'> Esau/Grim/Iago http://freephoto-i.net/users/679/6372'> Also/Grim/Iago
  20. yesh OOh wEEEE! all these girls just remind me of all the hotties i didnt mack to at the DEMF, oh well....Hey L Ron, u must be a Jzone fan huh? jus copped his old EP and the shit's bangin!
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