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Everything posted by crave

  1. mecro human and that fuckin' aest
  2. I was just talking to the wife about this. I can not fucking stand those video ads. The other ads I can get used to, but the video ads are a no-go.
  3. Hhmmmm, my first thought at seeing the initial post in this thread was, "Damn, that shit went 3 rounds?!"
  4. that kid has over 36k subscribers.. damn.
  5. if dude had a bigger dick (pause) nohomo, those fat cops would've showed him more respect.
  7. Intervention isn't all bad, but it's usually sad as fuck. I've got enough negative shit, fuck trying to catch it on television. And what really used to piss me off when I watched it was all the fucking relapses.
  8. Super solid. I love these throwback-ish thread.
  9. crave

    Old news?

    Wow, I guess that's a passing paper these days... Still, it's fuckin' hilarious though.
  10. Casek has some good words of advice. Gucci, you wouldn't go wrong taking heed. Either way, good luck.
  11. crave


    I wasn't lied to by my recruiter, not at all. In fact, during my last rotation I ran into him in the chow hall, we sat and broke bread. Good dude. There are plenty of resources available to anyone interested in joining any service that give the bullshit sales pitch a quick reality check. Fuck being a recruiter though, seriously.
  12. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD The face grinding midget is fucking outstanding.
  13. To this day I still love Back to the Future, all three in fact.
  14. Wow, tons of awesome older panels. Hot damn that was a good show!!
  15. You know it's all good, man. I'm not sweating it. I just used that as a reference point, that's all. Good to see you back in the swing of things. I know all too well how life gets in the way sometimes.
  16. Fr8hound is back on the part-time grind!! remember that guy in the army you never sent SA Vol 1 to? That's me! It's all good though, big guy.
  17. Re: LORD SHABAZZ & MR MAJIC PRESENT 'THE SUPERFRIENDS LEGENDARY SUPERPOWERS SHOW' 800 thanks for the show. goodtimes shows how it's done.
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