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  1. what in the feez, those took forever to load. my fucking poptarts caught on fire.
  2. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i lived there when i was an infant, I would have never known there was graffiti there. DOPE!!!! and your wearing the garb too! I remember rocking those! DOPE!
  3. you do realize how gay you are, right?
  4. YOU ARE GAY man your quotes are fucking gay and so are you. The d on your first sketch is straight bitten off of mad or somebody. I can tell because the rest of your letters smell like shit and the d is okay. STOP PUTTING GAY ASS QUOTES BY YOUR PIECES, IT MakES THEM LOOK GAYER. Your character is gay also.
  6. you have to use beezwax. Im not sure if salons do it or if its do it your self. The only bad thing is, when your tired of having it in there, you have to shave your head to get it out
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