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    Im not sure what sort of history the amerikans learned in their 'public schools' :lol:... (mind you this was probably before america was 'created') Anyways, turkey has always had a very nice reputation of conquering 1/2 of europe by ravaging, destroying, killing, impaling people on stakes (i forgot the term but its where they impale you on a pole of sort and do it in such a way where it would miss your vital organs so you wouldnt die instantly but live for a few days) and of course kidnapping young children which they would train into soldiers, and then years later they would send them to kill their own parents!
  2. I forgot to mention that the experience was enhanced by a nice joint beforehand... :D
  3. Todays encounter.......... Alright so just got back from the dentist... ONEFORTY BLING! Not happy but really had to get this one tooth fixed. Anyways, out come the needles (2 hours later) 1/2 my face is still numb.. left part of my jaw is killing me and im pretty sure she rocked enough filling for 3 teeth. Feels pretty large and uneven. So yeah spent about an hour and this dentist, man she had BAD BREATH...!! now being a gentleman i am and the fact she was a hoTTT asian biach i decided against making any comments :yuck:. (mind you i did play around with some instruments when they left me alone for the aneastethic to kick in) AND i kept the price in mind cos its up to her to say how much i gotta cough up... I dont mind the whole drills and forks and stuff but she did use this nasty drill which looks like a mini-grinder... uhhhhh So its just up to time to see how good of a job she did... Hope she flosses tonight.......
  4. NC

    State a Fact.

    Simple, wash your balls. Donnt just spray them to smell nice. :P Fact: i am drunken :D
  5. What spot are you on about? and what is this i dont want? :confused:
  6. Patience is a virtue... or some crap like that. Virgins - :yum: :lick: :love: :D ps. put a bit of effort into it and she'll remember you... or come at you with a knife. ;)
  7. NC

    State a Fact.

    5? its a fact on my computer its 9 pages :cool:
  8. Most intense 15 minutes of my life were recently along the lines of a very dark long park to get a nice freeway spot. Gripping harder and harder onto that 600ml can of paint..... :twitch:
  9. http://e-bility.com/articles/images/foodpyramid.jpg'> see.. even the goofy weird faced big nose kid next to the pyramid is with a chick! And you know why? because he EATS MEAT!!!
  10. Uh oh.. either smash it or "take" it home. Is just bullshit they are boasting about to deter people. Even if it does take pictures or whatever the fuck, all they can do you for is trespassing really. Thats if they catch up with you... Or if they manage to get the photos developed from the mangled burned wreck that used to be a camera. Or if you take it home.. happy snaps! :dazed:
  11. :eek: YES!!!!!! "cos im big in japan.. yeah im big in japan...." willing to trade my place here down under with someone on another continent....
  12. NC

    Who are you...?

    i dont do it on purpose. only when i get the spur of the moment 'hate everything' and such... and i only dispose of large items which wont choke some cute little platypussies or whatnot.
  13. NC

    Who are you...?

    In the spirit of boredom and a "genuine" love for humanity.... indeed. Name: ensee Photo: http://www.photodump.com/direct/-NC-/flashwhite.jpg'> Age: 22 Occupation: unemployed fish monger Best trait or feature: try to be myself, honest...(certain situations require you to lie - very still) people who know me i hope understand my weird twisted blunt sense of humour. Hm, try to be a true friend... yeah. im nice to nice people, bad to bad people. Worst trait or feature: sometimes too quiet/not expressing my views with some people, not giving a shit at times about anything, a temper has developed too... um too much 12 oz lately (?) What have you done in life to benefit yourself and/or your community: to benefit myself, i do what i want, simple :D (many are jealous) to benefit the community, i give them free art "exhibitions", i repaint their public transport in a bunch of beautifully coloured letters. I also litter while driving. In the spirit of my life sucking at times, i curse at the tax man... spit at the ignorant idiots i encounter on a daily basis and fight for my right to party. What would you like to add: I believe, to achieve world peace, everyone needs to pass the peace pipe three times around.... and elect me to be their superior leader. I will only have 3 wives and i promise there will not be any homeless on the streets! (they will be fed to you in recycled green food) I would like to thank everyone who supported me for misster universe... :dazed: Seriously... fuck all governments. Oh yeah i like a bit of all music, 70s-80s hiphop beats are just theshit lately... alt punk hiphop techno.. if it sounds good it sounds good i dont give a shit what you think. Um.. you should watch full metal jacket, because i like it. (edited - quote) "I wanted to see exotic Vietnam, the jewel of Southeast Asia. I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture and ... kill them. I wanted to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill." Its all about having fun... and my government tells the gamblers "if its no longer fun, walk away".
  14. There are homeless welfare sucking junkies in every race... pity is that instead of helping people get jobs and education the government gives them the minimum welfare to get by. Easy way to control masses. Oh yeah you should give her a jelly donut... after the bucking bronco. Just for being a little racist bitch. ;)
  15. PRINTERS are probably main peices of technology that piss off majority of people every single day - everyone has a story... if you dont, go print something and you will.
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