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knife fight

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  1. knife fight


    even though the last two issues fell off hardcore lsd is still my favorite graff mag. the layouts are fuckin dope and its (usually) funnier than shit. i dont like this new hippy vegan thing they got goin on in the last issue though
  2. u are one on point motherfucker my friend. no seriously though hands down the greatest thread ever! hahahahahaha
  3. all quotes courtesy of my boy z(who assures us hes not gay) -bottom line dicks dont belong in my mouth! -ill bite it bitch (after someone threatened to ram a cock down his throat or something) -the kitchen is for cooking the food, the dining room is for eating(deadpan as hell) that nigga z king of the drunken quotes
  4. knife fight


    i got a name worse than anthony bottoms(not by much though). presenting.... jupiter samples. now thats gay
  5. remember that movie the wizard with the kid from the wonder years in it. i bet all the coordination that that retarded kid gots from playin video games would give him some dope can control. "the power glove its so bad!"
  6. props to shameless and clean sheets. i really wish more kids thought the way yall do. keep doin your thing
  7. i know what people are sayin about ghosts style sometimes ill look at those letters and just hate em. i think what makes him dope besides being a hardcore ass bomber is the fact that his shit is so big, dynamic and in your face. his pieces are always so colorful and bold. it all comes down to personal taste and individual style. some people are in this game to paint the most intricate detailed pieces others are about huge sloppy shit. just cuz someone paints something outside the boundaries of what u would consider tight doesnt mean there shit sucks its just different. thats the thing about graffiti there are no rules u have to follow as long as u enjoy painting and get something out of it. thats what makes it so different than anything else on the earth(although that seems to be changing). putting boundaries on graffiti is putting a noose on graffiti. thats my opinion thanks for your time
  8. knife fight


    eros is one of the early kings of mpls graff
  9. CRAZY PINOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know about u guys but my favorite part of the whole video is that shit at the end about crazy pinoy. fuckin entertaining!
  10. yeah elk is dope as fuck. i was wondering if anyone can actually see the different letters in his 3d pieces. i cant really make heads or tails of those things
  11. hell yeah finally a post about mpls! as far as more and lick nuts go they have a really crappy style but thats what makes them raw. u can see that dont give a fuck attitude in their shit. it may not be good but i guarantee that no matter what part of the city your from u see it every day. bump for the bum sittin under the abuse piece one time i was down there just before sunrise and i stepped on him. he didnt even notice. so mr. fordbridge bum if your reading this on the laptop that your always clutchin i am truly, deeply, sorry..... oh yeah zest rocks dont get it twisted. hm needs a thread they got so much shit that could be posted.
  12. those taboo fill ins r dope
  13. ya know the only thing i can think after readin through this shit is that it doesnt matter what me or u think geso and sigh can settle this all this speculation is stupid unless u personally know these guys and if thats the case why is u talkin bout it on the internet fo? (get it?) the only reason that there is controversy about this style is that its distinct looking theres so many generic styles that heads bite all the time and dont get called 4 oh yeah that geso where the wall is smashed is sick!!!!!!!
  14. i need a little peace and quiet to drink my schlitz too haha
  15. knife fight


    someone else may have already touched on what im tryin to say, i didnt feel like readin everyone of those posts. heres what i think.. its impossible to get good at anything in life without biting. you dont just pick up a guitar and start writing burner ass songs u learn old tunes first and those teach u tecniques that u can then use to make up your own shit. now if a writer bites a style gets good at it and puts that up forever thats no good but takin some influence from someones shit at some point is necessary
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