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  1. systemdict


    Summer Scene is the best ever. Check spray-can art for images.
  2. it kinda sucks! keep practicing.
  3. Mutah fuckin AST hgs---niggah what!
  4. No i see it all the time in multiple citys and they suck too. But I guess everyone was wack at one point.
  5. yea a photoshop drop shadow effect is really computer generated. LOL you fuckin fool!
  6. Bump......cause its like that.
  7. Im feeling his multi-styles.
  8. bring a ladder onto the roof and Boom its party time.
  9. systemdict


    not feeling these picts.
  10. systemdict


    Philly Mutha FuckerZ!!!!!!!! 5-0---NOPE---BRAZE---PRE Bump for these foolz.
  11. Sew's pieces are illll. To take jocking to a higher level- i prefer his 9d7ish style. I rember a 95 highway fence spot he did, it clowned all the other bombs that ever went there (except king kair). I was brought up like most of the true skool writers in 215 its: the combination of style with~> tags, ~>throwies and ~>pieces. and then consider the spot its in. I get mad at cheep fame too but these days whats a soldier to do. Oh and philly graff scene is fuckin dead! The buff is a bitch. I cant blame certain writers for wanting to resort to only legals (im not one of them)
  12. bump for fresh Mint~>
  13. systemdict


    Bump for NimZ. ya crazy fool.
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