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  1. yeah baby did you tip over a newspaper box for the patriots last night?
  2. pantiefreeze


    Crackheads will always act crazy without a moments notice. Don't expect them to remember shit. but they're always looking for your dick and your money.t
  3. Jah Rule is the most played out rapper these days. Hate to say it, but De La Sol's Artiphact or whatever it was with like Freddy Fox on it is played out. Bumping chests to start a fight. Cold Winters are played, get with the times. First Night. Getting high off MSG. Getting addicted to MSG. The whole "I'm crazy wild because I smoke crack" steez. MLKJ day is not played out.
  4. I heard about a berry undercover program at Genzyme to create superhuman writers. They cloned Cope2 and gave him a third arm and the cock and balls of the race horse, "Drinking and Driving". I heard he writes Z-Ski. That is some 21st century shit. mad grappling hooks
  5. Who cares we're all going to be dead in 20 years anyway!
  6. Heres the deal, I didn't even look at your gay link. bit e my cock¿
  7. Posting on the internet MTV is the hot shit but 4 Reals, acid bath oh yeah and actually getting up is really played out, like people seeing your shit everywhere, I'm l ike what the fuck is this, If I want to see graffitti I'll look on the fucking internet or go to some FreightYard in Maine. You're Dopey
  8. Who cares about Reno, I mix that shit up with Las Vegas like I don't even care. Come to Boston if you want to write, that scene is opening up like your daddy's ass after thanksgiving... yo fluff, can I bum a cigamerette no, why don't you clean your fucking dishes before you even talk to me how about I sit on you and crush you
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