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  1. Vlad

    Madrid train blast

    Saw this news live at a pub, cant say how shooked i was. Terrible RIP
  2. Vlad

    Madrid train blast

    - At least 173 people have been killed and more than 600 wounded in a series of explosions on Madrid's railway network at the height of this morning's rush hour, rescue services say. There has been no claim of responsibility in the attacks, but Spanish officials are blaming terrorists from the Basque separatist group ETA.- CNN http://i2.tv2.dk/images/s/3ab7c8653bdce2627328712c1ea6d906/106203'> http://i.a.cnn.net/cnn/2004/WORLD/europe/03/11/spain.blasts/top.newwreckage2.ap.jpg'> http://i.a.cnn.net/cnn/2004/WORLD/europe/03/11/spain.blasts/story.newwreckage.ap.jpg'> http://www.politiken.dk/images/04/03/11/0403111307498210_72b40c9c.jpg'> http://img.ekstrabladet.dk/images/04/03/11/0403111042277710_68b6630f.jpg'>
  3. ^checked the bonus section ? Not a lot but its there.
  4. Anyone seen nightfever ?
  6. they are wack! the paint cracks off the ring when you take them off, and you cant put the lid back on when the color ring is left on the can
  7. chrome burners in cold Warsaw
  8. Vlad

    The WUFC SDK thread

  9. ^wow thats old, would be pretty amazing if its still there ?
  10. Jail sentence up to ten years ???? :eek:
  11. Mover by THEMO http://img22.photobucket.com/albums/v66/Organized/100-0018_IMG.jpg'>
  12. too bad those otr books arent avaliable anymore
  13. Vlad

    So i got butsed...

    tell them you are a jew and the swastikas offended you
  14. http://www.graffiti.org/amst/amstdm2003_cece12.jpg'>
  15. very dope flicks especially cause ive been all in all the places you got flix of in south france
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